Kanye West encountered a new incident when a Yeezy GAP shipment worth more than $1 million was stolen.

According to TMZ , Kanye West’s team confirmed that 60,000 products worth about 1.2 million USD were stolen from a warehouse in Los Angeles (USA). The southern rapper is coordinating with the police force to find the person behind the incident.

West’s representative, Milo Yiannopoulosp, said a social network account posted a sale of a series of Yeezy GAP outfits for $20 /product at an event. Upon receiving the news, the police force was present to verify the origin of the goods from the seller.

Accordingly, the group of people in charge of the event can only present documents for some products. However, due to some problems and Kanye West’s side not providing enough information, the police force could not confiscate the goods.

Kanye West’s team is trying to find the stolen products. Photo: Hypebeast.

Kanye West, costume, at San Anh 1

Kanye West, costume, at San Anh 1

Kanye West’s team is trying to find the stolen products. Photo: Hypebeast .

Before this information, Milo Yiannopoulosp confirmed that all of the products at the above event belonged to Kanye West. At the same time, he said the lost products were never sold to anyone. Not to mention, they never sell in such large quantities.

Kanye West’s team accused this group of people of falsifying records to make police believe that they owned the legitimate shipment.

Next time, Yiannopoulosp said they will do anything to get the products back. Currently, his group has sent a letter requesting the above event to stop sales activities. In addition, Yiannopoulosp believes that they have identified one of the perpetrators and will provide evidence to the police.