After Angelina Jolie presented that she and her children were repeatedly assaulted by Brad Pitt in a lawsuit related to a winery, the actor responded that his ex-wife’s actions were shameful.

According to People, Brad Pitt is angry that Angelina Jolie continues to dig up old stories. The fact that the actress provided information that she had been abused by her ex-husband was considered by Pitt’s lawyer to be a misdirection, unrelated to the legal battle for the Chateau Miraval winery in France.

In an application submitted to the Los Angeles Court on April 5, Brad Pitt’s legal representative requested Angelina Jolie to publicly disclose the terms of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In documents previously submitted to the court, actress Maleficent said she secretly sold shares in the winery because her husband forced her to sign an NDA, one of Brad Pitt’s unconscionable efforts to hide his past of beating his wife and children.

Pitt’s lawyer said the NDA the actor asked her to sign only related to the Chateau Miraval farm. Previously, they committed not to sell shares to third parties without the consent of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Jolie’s story of being abused, hiding her past… is not related to the information confidentiality contract.
Brad Pitt resents Angelina JolieThe winery caused a long lawsuit between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
In the application, Brad Pitt also stated that Angelina once asked her ex-husband to sign another NDA related to not disclosing family matters, part of the divorce negotiation process. Six months earlier, she refused to sign the NDA related to the winery that Brad Pitt offered.

Actor Troy’s side said that Angelina Jolie always asks those she works with, especially employees living in the same house, to sign an NDA. “Simply put, Jolie hired employees, under an agreement not to disclose what happened at home, including how she treated the children and Pitt. That alone proves that the clause Pitt wrote in the NDA had Is it really an unconscionable gag order like Jolie said?” Brad Pitt’s side responded.

Pitt’s legal team believes that Angelina Jolie is looking for an excuse to lead the court and public opinion toward the actor’s domestic violence case. She is being unreasonable in arbitrarily selling 50% of shares to a Russian billionaire. Brad Pitt was angry and immediately filed a lawsuit after seeing his ex-wife arbitrarily sell their shared property (this is also where the two got married).

Pitt’s side said that Jolie once asked her ex-husband to sign an NDA, then said she did not sign the contract agreeing not to sell the winery through the other party because “Pitt forced her to keep quiet” which is unreasonable.

Brad Pitt’s source said the actor and his legal team could only shake their heads at what Angelina Jolie was doing. “Brad Pitt’s legal team is focusing on Jolie’s voluntary sale of shares in the winery. While Jolie repeatedly brings up the story of Brad Pitt’s abuse. The two things are not related,” this person said. speak.

Currently, Brad Pitt has the advantage of having the first victories. After losing in the US, the actor continued to sue his ex-wife in Luxembourg and France.

In February, Brad Pitt was notified by the Luxembourg Court to temporarily control the winery, pending a hearing. The court in France also accepted the actor’s lawsuit.

People reported that Brad Pitt spent 10 million USD to sue his wife for arbitrarily selling the estate to a Russian billionaire. The actor did not care how much money he had to spend and decided to sue to the end against his ex-wife’s wrongful actions but constantly telling the truth.