With the brooming romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, reports are suggesting that they are going to star in a reality show that will be like the one by the Kardashians.

Will Taylor Swift Feature Alongside Travis Kelce in Kardashian-Inspired Reality Show?
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift [Credit-Getty Images]

Travis Kelce’s connection with Taylor Swift has brought a lot of attention to both the Kansas City Chiefs player and his family. The sportsman has received a lot of publicity, especially after he and his team won another Super Bowl triumph. Fans have also expressed interest in his mother, Donna, father, Ed, brother Jason, and sister-in-law, Kylie. So much so, that speculations of a Kelce family reality show have circulated.

Even if a prospective series revolved around the entire Kelce family, Travis would most likely be the most popular, especially if Swift appeared on the program alongside her NFL lover. According to Life and Style, the series will highlight the brood’s entertaining and approachable personalities, as well as their family dynamics.

Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce feature in a reality show? 

An insider in Life and Style has reported about Kelce and Swift starring in a Kardashian-inspired show. The insider said, “The idea is to make them a more relatable version of the Kardashians. The level of interest in the Kelces since Travis started dating Taylor has not gone unnoticed in Hollywood, but it’s also very clear that they’re super thirsty for attention.”

Travis Kelce is an experienced reality television personality, but Taylor Swift is new to the genre. He previously had his own reality TV dating show called Catching Kelce. He’s also mentioned that he enjoys other series, like Love is Blind. He and his brother, Jason Kelce, appeared in a documentary on their teams’ Super Bowl matchups.

The brothers are already doing business together. They presently host the popular podcast New Heights, which their followers adore. A reality program seems like a logical next step. Fans would undoubtedly tune in to observe how the family functions.

It remains to be seen whether Travis Kelce and company will agree to a reality series. However, fans would like to have an inside peek at the team, especially if Taylor Swift is engaged.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are both extremely busy people. However, the stars have aligned, and they are both taking a break from their busy professional duties. Swift is taking a break from her ERAS tour, while Kelce is still recovering after winning another Super Bowl.