It’s true — Ben Affleck can smile!

The Hollywood hunk, 51, looked happy as can be while out for a brisk morning stroll in Los Angeles, Calif., on Thursday, February 15.


SOURCE: MEGABen Affleck smiled big while out for a morning stroll.

Affleck, who looked casual in a knit sweater underneath a blue and white plaid jacket, was spotted checking messages on his phone while out and about.

The joyful outing comes as the Boston native hit back at people calling him “boring” for his constant gloomy facial expressions in his new Dunkin’ commercial, where Affleck sits in front of the television as the newscasters label him “the boredest man in the world.”

“No. Steady. Always watching,” the Argo actor said, refuting the claim.


SOURCE: MEGABen Affleck hit back at the ‘bored’ accusations in a recent Dunkin’ ad.

Even Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, responded to people thinking her spouse is constantly miserable. “Ben is doing alright. You don’t need to worry about Ben, let me just tell you,” the Second Act star, 54, said in a recent interview at the 2024 Golden Globes. “He is good. He is happy. He is here — he is nominated. I’m chilling, I don’t understand what people are so pressed for. They don’t pick up on my face!”

Despite the deceiving facial expressions, the Air actor seems extremely happy in his marriage to Lopez. “We’re real partners,” the musician gushed in a 2023 interview. “Not just in working together, but in life, as parents and as lovers. We discuss everything with each other.”

“I want his opinion. I trust him,” the “On the Floor” songstress added. “I know he has the best intentions and has no agenda other than to see me shine as bright as I can and that’s what I have for him too.”


SOURCE: MEGAJennifer Lopez confirmed Ben Affleck was ‘happy’ despite his miserable facial expressions.

Affleck and Lopez tied the knot in 2022 after rekindling their early 2000s romance. However, the “Get Right” singer never saw their reunion coming.

“I fell in love with the love of my life [earlier in life] and for whatever reasons that we needed to grow and do other things,” she explained in a recent interview.

“We both went off and had children with other people and other relationships, but you know in my mind I kind of had it like, ‘Oh, that was kind of the one,'” Lopez, who ended up marrying and having 15-year-old twins Max and Emme, with Marc Anthony, said.


SOURCE: MEGABen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez married in 2022.