Welcome to my Live VMA coverage! If you enjoy this, let me know. You guys have been begging for a Doja Cat post so consider this as the beginning.

After months of controversy, saying she hates her fans, and rebranding as the new face of the Illumanti, Doja Cat attended the 2023 VMAs and performed her #1 hit single—Paint The Town Red.

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Here’s what I heard from several sources…

Doja Cat is doing what I like to call… the Lady Gaga effect… in 2023.

As Lady Gaga fell off from popular music but still transitioned as a classic icon in the industry… people tend to forget her industry upbringing.

She was the poster child for the Illuminati. Everyone said she lost her soul as she released Bad Romance. She did outrageous things such as showing up in a meat dress at the 2010 VMAs.

13 years later… Doja Cat is doing the same thing.

She’s almost nude in this threaded dress on the red carpet…

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She comes up on stage with a wig and a completely different alter ego to perform a few hits she just racked up after insulting everyone.

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I want to make an in-depth Dark Hollywood post about rituals and the whole concept behind selling your soul but for now, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Doja Cat is trolling and using whatever “shock” factor she can come up with, to make herself #diFfErEnt.

However, I have heard of celebrities participating in rituals and Doja is one of those names. I’m not sure exactly what goes on since this goes beyond my realm and oftentimes, the people who know the details, are the ones who have been directly involved… but “satanic rituals” or just rituals… DO TAKE PLACE IN HOLLYWOOD.

I don’t know if the celebrity believes they are truly conjuring up some real power or not, but the rituals DO TAKE PLACE. Do they work? Is there magic on Earth? Is Satan giving them a #1? I do not know but feel free to conspire in the comment section. And if you’re a source who wants to add more deets, email me.

Every person I’ve talked to about this brings up religion and how different religions have different beliefs about conjuring up demonic creatures and how that works.

It’s a very odd thing, but what I can say as a fact is that the rituals exist… I have heard of celebrities attending. I’m not sure what goes on, what they do, or how they participate, but I can get more information moving forward.

The Illuminati has always been the mainstream scapegoat because there’s more that goes on behind the surface. One day I’ll elaborate more.

Doja Cat is also highly problematic behind the scenes. She’s not the greatest of people and she doesn’t care that her boyfriend is also a horrible person. She’s very full of herself and her constantly getting away with the shit she says and getting rewarded with #1s, will just egg her on some more.

What do you guys think?

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