JLo Finally Speaks Out About Her Relationship With Affleck During Her Marriage to Cris Judd

Jennifer Lopez Cheating Scandal: Did JLo Cheat on Her Husband and Where Does Ben Affleck Come into the Picture?


Jennifer Lopez married Cris Judd in 2001, who was a backup dancer in her Love Don’t Cost a Thing music video.
Soon after their divorce in 2002, Jennifer Lopez started dating Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez is arguably one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as she has made quite a name from her films and music. The Latina actress has worked in some of the most iconic films of all time like Out of Sight, Parker, Blood and Wine, and many more projects that have established her as an A-tier actress.

However, off the screen, she has made quite the news, as she has never been faithful for too long, and changed her spouse without worrying much about the media attention.
Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck in GigliJennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck in Gigli
Jennifer Lopez seems to cruise through her relationship as if it meant nothing to her. Following such attitude, it had been rumored that during her second marriage with Cris Judd, she cheated on him with her future husband, Ben Affleck. But did she really cheat on Judd with the Live by Night actor?

Did Jennifer Lopez Cheat on Cris Judd with Ben Affleck

Back in the day, when Jennifer Lopez was a sensation in Hollywood and was blossoming in her music career, she met Cris Judd, who was an actor/dancer/director in Spain, whom she hired to direct her Love Don’t Cost a Thing music video.

The two decided to tie the knot on 21st September 2001. It was Lopez’s 2nd marriage, and everyone thought she had finally found love and going to settle with the director for good.
Jennifer Lopez in Love Don't Cost a ThingJennifer Lopez in Love Don’t Cost a Thing
However, the marriage did not last even a year, as they decided to part ways only after nine months, that is July 2002. However, the parting was not so shocking until, she started a high-profile relationship, quite too suddenly and quietly. Their relationship raised questions, as the two had worked together in Gigli when she was still married to Cris Judd.

However, Lopez was called a cheater, and she decided to silence the accusations as she decided to talk about her relationship in an interview with a publication of Reader’s Digest via Entertainment Weekly.

The actress said that she did not sleep with her Gigli co-star until she had separated from her second husband later that spring. Lopez added the fact that she was having trouble with Judd when she met Affleck on the set of the 2003 film. Regardless, she called herself a “very faithful person,” and wouldn’t have cheated on Judd, even if Affleck expressed his feelings to her.

”I’m a very faithful person. If somebody had told me, ‘Ben’s attracted to you’, I would have said, ‘No, I wasn’t raised that way.”

Nevertheless, Judd slammed her ex-wife, when he was asked if the two still stayed in touch after the divorce.

Cris Judd Has Moved On From JLo

Cris Judd, who was a backup dancer in Jennifer Lopez’s Love Don’t Cost a Thing, got married to her in 2001 and their relationship was one in a millennium coincidence. For Cris Judd, it was love at first sight as he told in Oprah: Where Are They Now? via Huffpost, where he said that he wanted to marry JLo the moment she stepped in.

“So when Jennifer walks in, I shake her hand and we kinda look at each other — and in my head, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to marry this woman.’”

Cris Judd in Jennifer Lopez's Love Don't Cost a Thing music videoCris Judd in Jennifer Lopez’s Love Don’t Cost a Thing music video
Though they got married in 2001, it was short-lived followed by a nasty divorce, and it looks like he has moved on from her. During an exclusive interview with TooFab, he was asked if he stayed in touch with her and if he watches any of her films, he answered,

“Man, I’m so far removed from her. I have, gosh, you know, I just wish her the best. I mean, you know, not really. I mean, to be honest, uh, no.”

Though Judd was in love with her, he had decided to move on from the memories of his former flame, and he would not self-sabotage and return to her.