Jennifer Lopez claims to not drink and has a husband who struggles with sobriety. So why would she start an alcohol line?

 Jennifer Lopez Confuses Fans With Alcohol Venturevia: Instar/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. But with her foray into the spirits market, fans are confused by her alcohol venture amid the struggles Ben Affleck has had with alcoholism.

On Monday, Lopez took to Instagram to do a promotional piece for her alcohol spritz line, Delola. Looking glamorous in her khaki jumpsuit with a zip front, oversized glasses, and gold jewelry, the video the On The Floor singer made was disguised as a liquor store run, with Lopez claiming to have run out of Delola at home.

“So I’m on my way to sneak out to go and get some Delola,” Lopez explained as the video began.

Lopez continued, saying, “We have a few people coming over for the holiday weekend and I realized that we don’t have any. I thought we would but we don’t. So I’m gonna go to the store and get some, hopefully they have it there.”

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“I’m really excited, I love holiday weekends, I love spending time with family and friends and having a little cocktail,” Lopez commented about the get-together she was having and the necessity to have Delola at the party.

This was the first that fans had heard about Delola since Lopez launched the line in April. And now, just as they did then, fans questioned just what Lopez was thinking by launching an alcohol line. After all, not only has Lopez claimed not to drink but more importantly, her husband, Affleck’s struggles with alcoholism.

Jennifer Lopez Does Not Drink Alcohol

Jennifer Lopez talking about Delolavia Instagram/@Jennifer Lopez

Given the fact that Lopez has been adamant for years about not imbibing and living a “clean” lifestyle, many were in shock when she came out as the latest celebrity with a line of alcohol. As such, all the talk about not drinking, even occasionally, may not have been as true as the Let’s Get Loud singer led it on to be.

Understanding that she was receiving backlash for not only creating an alcohol line but consuming it as well, according to The Daily Mail, Lopez addressed those comments in her video promoting Delola.

“‘I know that a lot of people have been talking about like, “Oh she doesn’t even drink, what’s she doing with a cocktail?” Lopez stated. “And to tell you the truth, that was true for a long time, I didn’t drink.”

Lopez continued saying, “A few years back, as you will see from several photos of me out over the past 10, maybe 15 years, I have been having the occasional cocktail. I do enjoy the occasional cocktail. I do drink responsibly, I don’t drink to get s***-faced. I drink to be social and to have a nice time and just kind of relax and to let loose a little bit, but always responsibly.”


“I have to tell you, I tried a lot of different things, cocktails, I was into White Russians at one point, I was into rosé, but I never found anything that I really loved,” Lopez admitted. “And so like anything else in my life, I created it myself.”

While fans can get behind the fact that Lopez wants to be an entrepreneur and expand her empire, the fact that alcohol was the venture she chose made no sense given she rarely drank until recently. But more importantly, fans felt it was a slap in the face to Affleck’s ongoing struggles with sobriety to launch an alcohol line.

Critics “Confused” About Jennifer Lopez Selling Alcohol Given Ben Affleck’s Sobriety Struggles

Jennifer Lopez talking about Delolavia Instagram/@Jennifer Lopez

It is no secret that Affleck has struggled with alcoholism over the past several years. He has sought professional help three times and admitted to a relapse in 2019, calling it a “slip.” Lopez even reportedly has strict rules that Affleck to follow at home. Given these struggles, critics are “confused” that Lopez appears to be so blasé about starting an alcohol line and essentially promoting a substance that has been Affleck’s source of addiction for decades.

“Ben is an alcoholic,” one person wrote. “Not the time to start drinking or starting a vodka business.”

A second fan stated, “I’m just confused about her talking about alcohol and cocktails when her husband is an alcoholic …who is allegedly in recovery? Makes no sense at all and I find it very difficult to understand.”


Given the controversy surrounding Delola, it remains to be seen if the line of spritzers will be a success or not. But with so many bashing Lopez for her business choices, the future is looking a bit bleak when it comes to this business venture.