Jenny from the Block’ may have upset some in ‘the block’, judging by social media comments

Jennifer Lopez slammed by fellow Bronxites after viral clip emerges from documentary

Jennifer Lopez has come in for fresh criticism on social media after a clip from her new documentary did the rounds on social networks.

Lopez recently released both a documentary and an album by the same name of ‘This Is Me…Now.” The documentary looks at her life before and after fame, and it essentially a public relations film to promote her newest vocal product.

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Jennifer Lopez warns women who flirt with Ben Affleck: “Don?t play with me”

A number of clips have already emerged from the Amazon Prime Video documentary, and the latest shows her letting her hair down at the gym.

Lopez unties her hair and rocks an all-natural look before saying: “I like taking my hair out like this. It reminds me like, when I was 16 in The Bronx running up and down the block.”

The 54-year-old added: “Crazy little girl who used to be f**kin wild. No limits. All dreams and s**t.”

‘Jenny from the Block’, as she is known, has received some criticism online for her comments. One user wrote: “Real Bronxite here, straight from South Bronx. JLO, we did not run up and down the block looking like that. Even as a kid.”

Another user said: “What block are you from JLO?” he questioned. “Leave us alone, please.”

Lopez cancels tour dates

Lopez is preparing to embark on a tour that will carry the same title as her documentary and album. Though, she recently upset some fans by canceling a number of dates without explanation.

Tour dates in Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Raleigh, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; and Tampa, Florida have all been ditched. An explanation has not been forthcoming, but reports claim there were ‘logistical’ issues at play.