Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman. Can you imagine that this woman is already over 50 years old? Not us anyway. She also shows with this cover photo that age is just a number.

Jennifer Lopez steals the show with extremely low-cut cleavage in cover photo

J.Lo and her success

We all agree that Jennifer Lopez looks very good for a woman over 50 years old. But of course we should not forget that she has a very successful career in the music world and is still working hard.

Now she shines on the silver screen with a film called ‘ Marry Me’ . She plays the leading role together with Maluma. Yesterday was the premiere of the film and she looked stunning there too.

Jennifer Lopez stars on the cover of Rolling Stone

We love to see J.Lo on our Instagram timeline. She regularly has photos taken of her beautiful figure, because even though she is currently 52 years old, it all still looks great. That proves once again that age is just a number.

When I saw this cover photo, my jaw dropped. She has outdone herself again. The cover of Rolling Stone features a beautiful photo of the singer and she shows a lot of herself. The photos that follow also melt our hearts.

In the magazine she talks about how she broke all kinds of rules to get where she is now. She is of course an extremely successful singer, but she had to do something for that.