Lady Gaga ukázala top postavu.

Lady Gaga showed a top figure. (Source: Profimedia)

Singer and actress Lady Gaga, 37, is clearly working on herself. These days, American paparazzi tapped her on the streets of Los Angeles…

And although she covered her face with large sunglasses, on the contrary, she exposed her belly. Wow, look at that strained tummy!

In a healthy body, a healthy mind! Apparently, the famous singer and actress Lady Gaga also follows this motto. Photographers from Los Angeles tapped her on her way to go shopping — she was headed to a clothing store. And she chose a really comfortable outfit for this activity.

Black leggings, low fluffies, a loose blazer and a short top underneath. And it was this one that revealed that the blonde is apparently working hard in the gym.

She is not only slim, but also has a mega squeezed tummy. With each movement, her muscles sculpted and her bricks outlined.

She is said to owe her fit figure to a low-carb diet and workouts 5 times a week. Of course, he pays attention to inner peace, and if he does not have time for full-fledged training, he always finds at least 39 minutes to move. And it seems to be paying off, look for yourself!

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