Ben Affleck has been accused of cheating on his wife Jennifer Lopez with his ex Jennifer Garner after their intimate photos in a car went viral on the internet.

The Air director came under fire after he was spotted seemingly hugging The Last Thing He Told Me star while they were in a car in Los Angeles, along with their daughter Seraphina.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner share intimate moment in car in LABen Affleck, Jennifer Garner share intimate moment in car in LA

Fans of Affleck were less than impressed with his appearance as they bashed him and Garner for being “two toxic exes” while noting that what they were doing in the car was “cheating and not co-parenting.”

The duo, who got divorced in 2018 after 13-year marriage, share three kids together, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, and co-parent them.

Some critics even brutally ripped Garner for being a “homewrecker,” as they alluded that she is trying to get Affleck back to her and get him to divorce JLo.

“Jennifer Garner is a homewrecking (expletive) and Ben Affleck is a cheating drunk,” one angry user wrote, “Let them toxic exes be together. JLO needs to grab all her money and run.”

One user said that Garner “deserves” the backlash she is getting as she is dating a man who has been accused of being “abusive and controlling” by his ex-wife, referring to her boyfriend John Miller.

“Oh, she’s gotten exactly what she deserves. Twice-divorced, mediocre career, living on SM for attention & dating a guy whose ex has been on the record about him being ‘abusive, controlling, angry & trying to forcefully take away their children,” the user penned. “Doesn’t get better than that.”

‘Toxic’ Ben Affleck ‘cheating’ on Jennifer Lopez with ex Jennifer Garner?

Taking the criticism a step ahead, another angry user penned, “I hope these two become broke and Ben drinks himself into outer space for the pain they have caused JLO.”

“Old hag Jennifer Garner trying to put the moves on her ex now married Ben Affleck. Gross what a real classy lady. Hope God sends her the kharma she deserves,” another said.