Jada Pinkett Smith Addresses Marriage Speculation on The Drew Barrymore Show

Jada Pinkett Smith Confirms Future of Her & Will Smith's Marriage

During her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on November 28th, Jada Pinkett Smith put an end to speculation about her marriage with Will Smith, emphasizing their commitment to staying together forever. The discussion touched upon the revelations from Jada’s tell-all memoir, “Worthy,” which explores the highs and lows of their relationship.

Jada clarified that, contrary to divorce rumors, they had been secretly separated since 2016. Despite living separate lives for the past seven years, the couple had not pursued an official divorce. When questioned about this decision, Jada explained that they were still figuring out how to navigate their partnership and present it to the public.

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Will Smith, joining Jada at a book event in Baltimore alongside their children Jaden, Willow, and Will’s son Trey, provided further insight into the dynamics of their relationship. Describing their journey as “very long and tumultuous” over the last 30 years, Will coined the term “brutiful” to capture the blend of brutality and beauty they experienced. He emphasized that he had achieved every dream and desire, making it clear that there was nothing left unfulfilled in his life.

Despite public scrutiny, the couple seems to be embracing their unique path, with Jada’s memoir shedding light on their authentic journey. The Smiths are navigating their relationship in their own way, emphasizing the importance of partnership and figuring out their unique presentation to the world.


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