In a recent turn of events, Kim Kardashian has publicly shown her support for her husband and rapper Kanye West, while also asking her sister, Kourtney, to do the same. The reality TV star took to social media to express her unwavering support for Kanye and up-and-coming artist Bianca, stating that she believes in their talent and wants them to succeed.

This public plea comes amidst the backdrop of Kanye’s controversial and highly publicized presidential campaign. Despite facing criticism and skepticism, Kim has stood by her husband’s side, encouraging her followers to listen to his music and support his endeavors.



Furthermore, Kim also publicly acknowledged Bianca, a rising star in the music industry, by sharing Bianca’s music video on her Instagram story. By doing so, she hopes to garner attention and support for the young artist.

This article sheds light on the complexities of Kim’s relationship with her family, particularly with her sister Kourtney. The fact that she publicly asks for Kourtney’s support indicates a potential strain in their bond. However, it also showcases Kim’s dedication and loyalty towards her husband and his artistic pursuits.


Overall, this article highlights Kim Kardashian’s public support for Kanye West and Bianca, emphasizing the importance of standing by loved ones in their personal and professional endeavors.