Ross Kemp’s latest documentary promises a gripping exploration into the fate of Michael Jackson’s beloved animals at his famed Neverland Ranch. With whispers of mystery, scandal, and tragedy shrouding the destiny of these exotic creatures, Kemp embarks on a 75-minute quest across the United States to uncover the truth behind their disappearance.



Amidst the lush landscapes of Santa Barbara County, California, Jackson’s Neverland Ranch stood as a sanctuary for over 50 species, including majestic giraffes, towering elephants, and awe-inspiring tigers. Among them, Bubbles the chimpanzee, Jackson’s most iconic companion, captured hearts worldwide.

However, as Jackson’s life took tumultuous turns, so did the fate of his cherished animals. Following his departure from Neverland in 2005 amidst allegations of child abuse, the once-thriving ranch fell into neglect and disrepair. With the closure of Neverland and Jackson’s subsequent passing in 2009, the question lingered: what became of his beloved menagerie?

Kemp’s investigative journey delves deep into the murky world of America’s private zoos and menageries, shining a light on the often-cruel trade that supplies them. His mission extends beyond mere curiosity; Kemp seeks to uncover the truth about how Jackson’s animals were treated under his care, where they ended up after Neverland’s closure, and the enduring legacy of Neverland’s animal kingdom.

The documentary, aptly titled “Searching for Michael Jackson’s Zoo,” promises a captivating exploration into the enigmatic world of the pop icon’s private menagerie. As viewers accompany Kemp on his quest for answers, they will confront the complexities of Jackson’s legacy and the ethical considerations surrounding the ownership and treatment of exotic animals.

In a statement, Kemp reflects on the significance of Jackson’s zoo as both a playground for the rich and a symbol of status, sparking a global fascination with the private ownership of exotic animals. Through his investigative lens, Kemp aims to shed light on the dark underbelly of this industry, exposing the realities of captivity and exploitation that often lurk behind the veneer of glamour and prestige.

As the documentary airs on ITV, viewers are invited to join Kemp on a journey of discovery, grappling with questions of morality, responsibility, and the true cost of our fascination with exotic animals. For Kemp, the quest for truth is not merely an exploration of Jackson’s legacy but a reflection of broader societal concerns surrounding animal welfare and conservation.