Debbie Rowe is considered the mother of 2 of Michael Jackson’s 3 children.


But for many years, public opinion believed that Debbie was just a surrogate for the king of American pop music , because the genetic material came from another woman.

The hidden corner of showbiz: Debbie, the secret wife of pop king Michael Jackson - Photo 2.

Michael Jackson – Debbie Rowe with their two young children, days of living together.

Not long after the birth of son Prince and daughter Paris, in order to get a huge amount of money, Debbie quickly gave up the right to take care of the pair of little angels What is the truth about Debbie Rowe’s relationship with Michael Jackson and what is the celebrity’s current life like?

Michael Jackson – Debbie Rowe and random patchwork

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson happened to know each other at Dr. Arnold Klein’s dermatologist’s clinic, where the pop king treated his vitiligo. At that time, Rowe worked as a clinic nurse. It was 1996, Jackson had just gone through a divorce with Lisa Marie, daughter of legendary pop music emperor Elvis Presley, and was suffering because he still couldn’t be a father.

The hidden corner of showbiz: Debbie, the secret wife of pop king Michael Jackson - Photo 3.

Debbie Rowe with her husband Michael Jackson.

The nurse, 7 years older than Jackson, was secretly a crazy fan of the famous artist and also wanted to have children. Through an intermediary, she sent messages to the idol: she was ready to cooperate.

As Jackson’s first wife Lisa Marie later confirmed, Rowe had long secretly loved the king of pop and waited for the opportunity. Not long after, Jackson and nurse Row became husband and wife.

The wedding was held on November 14, 1996, right after Michael Jackson’s performance in Sydney, Australia, in a program called History World Tour. “At the marriage registration ceremony, in addition to Sydney City Hall staff, there were also some of Jackson’s friends. The procedure was simple and it all happened quickly. I flew from New York about an hour earlier, and Michael had just completed the ceremony. into a performance. They were both exhausted” – Debbie Rowe recently recalled.

Not long after the wedding, the couple welcomed their son Prince (February 13, 1997) and a year later, daughter Paris was born (April 3, 1998).

Two mysterious beings

However, both the new marriage, the time Rowe was pregnant, as well as the birth of the pop king’s two children, from the beginning caused mixed public opinion in the world media.

It is rumored that, despite giving birth twice, Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the famous couple. Because simply, Rowe is just a surrogate woman. Even the pregnant woman doesn’t know who the two children she is pregnant with are actually whose children they are.

In fact, both times giving birth, Prince and then Paris were separated from their mother (when Rowe had not yet been discharged from the hospital) and taken straight to “Neverland”, the famous mansion of Michael Jackson, where the legendary artist lives to this day. passed away.

The hidden corner of showbiz: Debbie, the secret wife of pop king Michael Jackson - Photo 4.

It is rumored that, despite giving birth twice, Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the famous couple.

Rowe appeared in family photos, on the covers of many magazines, as well as accompanying her husband at official events, always standing next to Jackson.

Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only 2 years, and the two children received sole care from the father. At the request of the King of Pop, in 2001 Debbie Rowe publicly and voluntarily gave up her rights to be the mother of Prince and Paris. In return, Rowe received $8.5 million and a mansion in Beverly Hills, which she later sold for more than $1 million. 1.3 billion USD.

Even though they broke up, many years later, when Michael Jackson was convicted of sexually abusing teenage boys, Debbie Rowe still stubbornly defended her ex-husband at many different trials. Invited to court as a witness, about Jackson, Rowe said only good things.

Unfortunately, Rowe’s relationship with her ex-husband became increasingly tragic. Cutting off all contact with his ex-wife, Jackson wanted nothing to do with Rowe. Family members explained that the reason was because Rowe was too greedy before setting conditions for a divorce.

In addition to the 8 million USD and the mansion in Beverly Hills mentioned above, Rowe also asked for an additional 2 million USD, so that she could keep Michael Jackson’s private life and divorce agreement a secret. However, because Rowe violated the contract (giving an interview to the press on the topic of his two children Prince-Paris and his relationship with Jackson), the pop king did not pay this 2 million USD. That’s not all.

Worse, in the last will made in 2002, Debbie Rowe was completely not named in the list of heirs to Michael Jackson’s estate when the artist died. Care of Prince and Paris was given to grandmother Katherine (Michael Jackson’s mother).

Happy ending?

Where is the once famous woman now and what has she been doing recently? For many years, Rowe enjoyed a peaceful life on her private ranch in Palmdale, California, where she raised horses and avoided the media.

The hidden corner of showbiz: Debbie, the secret wife of pop king Michael Jackson - Photo 5.

Rowe and Mark Schaffel.

In April 2014, Rowe suddenly announced that she had just gotten engaged to Mark Schaffel, a music producer who once worked as Michael Jackson’s cameraman. Schaffel was Jackson’s only associate who was allowed to interact with Rowe after Jackson’s divorce in 1999.

At the end of 2016, Rowe was diagnosed with breast cancer. In disaster comes happiness. The information that Rowe was unfortunately in trouble helped restore the motherly relationship between Rowe and her two children who had been separated for many years. Paris Jackson, Rowe’s daughter, posted on her personal Instagram a photo of Rowe’s mother smiling at her hospital bed, after a chemotherapy procedure. Talking to a reporter from “People” magazine, Debbie Rowe excitedly shared that her daughter Paris has become the strongest support during this time.