David Corenswet will debut as the DC Universe’s Superman in 2025, and James Gunn’s upcoming movie can beat Henry Cavill’s Superman in a big way.

David Corenswet’s Superman will be the first movie of the new DC Universe, and the reboot of the Man of Steel seems to be on the way to topping Henry Cavill’s version of the hero in a key aspect.

Cavill played Superman in the old DCEU, appearing in a solo movie — Man of Steel — before sharing the screen with other heroes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. After years away, the actor returned for a post-credits scene tease in Black Adam; however, James Gunn decided to reboot Superman and the DCEU.

Corenswet will now be the face of DC’s Man of Steel going forward, with Superman arriving in 2025. Gunn has previously said that the new DC Universe will be more in line with the comics than the DCEU was. That should heavily impact Superman, perhaps more than other heroes.

While director Zack Snyder had planned to eventually get to the classic boy scout Superman with Cavill, he and DC parted ways before that could happen, resulting in Cavill’s Superman never quite getting there. Cavill’s Clark Kent also missed a big element, and Corenswet’s can rectify that mistake.

Henry Cavill’s Adult Clark Kent Side Was Barely Explored

Man Of Steel Focused More On Young Clark

In Man of Steel, Snyder showed snippets of Clark’s journey from arriving on Earth to becoming Superman. While key moments from Clark’s early days are shown, including Jonathan Kent’s sacrifice to keep his son’s identity a secret and a young Clark saving his classmates from drowning as their school bus fell into a river, what happens after that is the problem.

After becoming Superman, Cavill’s time as the adult version of Clark Kent was barely explored. While Superman is likely the most well-known superhero ever and deserves screen time, the Clark Kent side is just as important for the hero.

Christopher Reeve’s depiction of the DC hero is held in high regard to this day due to how he managed to make both Superman and Clark Kent feel so distinct, sometimes just with a subtle posture change. In the DCEU, Clark Kent was cast aside.

Cavill’s Superman fought heroes and villains throughout a few different movies, but Clark’s interactions with Lois Lane and Ma Kent were only shown sporadically. Clark’s entire Daily Planet journey was only kept to a few scenes in the DCEU, with Cavill barely being able to present that important side of the character.