Andrew Tate Detained AGAIN! What Is Happening? – ‘Many of the boys could see through that rubbish, thank God!’ 

Andrew Tate’s rise to fame and relevance, particularly in the UK school system where debates about banning him were rampant, led to increased scrutiny. However, the situation escalated when Andrew Tate was charged with human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to s3xually expl0it women in Romania, along with his brother and two Romanian women. Despite their arrest, no charges were brought against them until six months later, during which three months were spent in prison.

Did Andrew Tate Get Arrested Again? Why He Was Detained in Romania Amid U.K. Sexual Aggression Case

Andrew Tate, the controversial online influencer who was arrested in December 2022 on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and organized crime ​in Romania, is once again in the news following his and his brother Tristan Tate’s detainment. Their arrests come amid their ongoing s3xual aggression case in the United Kingdom.

Did Andrew Tate Get Arrested Again?

Andrew and Tristan were detained ​by Romanian police in Bucharest after being served warrants for their arrest by Westminster Magistrates Court in London on March 11, 2024, a spokesperson for the brothers confirmed to NBC News that same day. Their detainment came following allegations of “s3xual aggression” in a U.K. case that ​dates back to 2012, per the outlet.

An attorney for the brothers, Eugen Vidineac, said on March 11, 2024, that there was “simply no truth” to the allegations and that the Tates were “fully committed to actively participating in the legal process and defending their reputation,” per BBC News.

The brothers’ lawyer added that their detainment came after a fellow influencer “misconstrued” a text message during a livestream.

Online influencer Andrew Tate detained in Romania, handed UK arrest warrant, his spokesperson says | Medina Gazette

Was Andrew Tate Released Following His Detainment?

A Romanian court ruled that Andrew and Tristan be released from police custody “immediately” on March 12, 2024, after they had been detained for one day.

The court also approved U.K. officials’ request to extradite them, but said it will postpone doing so until after the “final verdict” of the brothers’ separate and ongoing criminal case in Romania.

Upon his release from police custody, Andrew said, “We are innocent men, we are very innocent men and in time everyone is going to see that and we are very excited to finish this judicial process and clear our names,” per Reuters.

He also claimed that he had been “asking Romanian courts to go to the U.K.” himself. “I’ve asked five times and been declined so now I get to go home,” Andrew said, adding that his extradition was “fantastic news.”

What Is the Status of Andrew and Tristan Tate’s Criminal Trial?

The March 11, 2024, detainment came after Andrew, Tristan and two other female conspirators were indicted in June 2023 on charges of human trafficking, rape and organized crime ​in Romania. The brothers have “categorically reject[ed] all charges” involving s3xual exploitation of women.

In a statement following the ​Bucharest Tribunal’s decision to postpone their extradition, the Tates’ attorney, Eugen, said, “This ruling provides an opportunity for the brothers to participate fully in their defence [sic] and for the legal process to proceed in a transparent manner,” per Reuters.

The brothers are currently under judicial control in Romania and are unable to leave the country. The Bucharest court’s preliminary chamber has not yet determined whether it will proceed with their criminal trial. The Tates won’t be sent to Britain to face s3xual aggression charges until after they face trial in Romania. Andrew also faces a number of civil cases in the United Kingdom.