‘Cardi will POP on a ho lose or win’: Cardi B Pulls Up On BIA After She Dares To Jump Her | HO

Cardi B just sent Bia a major warning to keep her name out of her mouth after Bia threw shade at her for copying her. Bia has been throwing shots at Cardi for over two weeks now and Cardi is completely over it.

BIA Responds to Fans Who Accuse Cardi B of Copying Her | Complex

The crazy thing about this is that Bia used to be the biggest Cardi fan but she started acting weird after she and Nicki Minaj collaborated together back in 2021.

Cardi initially tried not to give Bia any response since it was clear as day that Bia was thirsty for Cardi to clap back but after several subtweets and accusations about Cardi being a thief, Cardi is finally responded and she didn’t come to play. She even went as far as threatening to leak several receipts that could possibly destroy Bia’s career for good.

Okay, so this whole drama started when Cardi released her freestyle, “Like What.” The song was met with a lot of criticism with some people accusing Cardi of copying JT’s look for the music video and others just straight up calling the song trash and claiming Cardi didn’t hasn’t had any artistic growth since her debut album.

VIDEO: Cardi B Pulls Up On BIA After She Dares To Jump Her

BIA Responds to Fans Who Accuse Cardi B of Copying Her

Are tensions brewing between Cardi B and BIA?

Some fans think there’s animosity between the two rappers based on tweets the artists shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) amid accusations from followers that they could be copying each other’s efforts.

Last week, Cardi, 31, dropped her “Like What” freestyle that samples Missy Elliott’s “She’s a Bitch.” Coincidentally, BIA, 32, also released her own take on Elliott’s 1999 hit last March with the Timbaland-assisted “I’m That Bitch.”

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At the end of the “Like What” music video, Cardi teased a short snippet of a new song while a message flashed on the screen: “This is just the beginning. Stay tuned.”

Fans pointed out that the beat and the ad-libs Cardi used are similar to BIA’s “Fallback” which she released in December. “But Bia is definitely on Cardi’s mood board alot,” wrote one X user, attaching Cardi’s teaser and BIA’s “Fallback” single.

Twitter: @BIABIA

The tweet caught BIA’s attention, who merely replied with three woozy face emojis.

The image shows a screenshot of tweets from the user @BIA with replies and reactions to their post

Via Twitter: @BIABIA

In a separate tweet she wrote, “Yall are sick.” Another fan encouraged her not to “fall for the stan wars.”

“Bitches make a fool of themselves every single time 😂 .. ima show ya something when I release this song tho 😉,” wrote Cardi on X.

Tweet from Cardi B mentioning her intent to show something upon song release

It’s hard to say if her tweet was a response to the chatter happening online. In the meantime, some Bardi Gang members are pointing out that Cardi had the beat for the upcoming song longer than people realize, based on videos of her previewing the track at a club in January.

There wasn’t always animosity—alleged or otherwise—between the two women, at least not on BIA’s end. In 2021, she posted a number of tweets congratulating Cardi after her 2017 breakthrough single “Bodak Yellow” was certified diamond, making her the first female rapper to do so.

“If you’re not inspired you’re not paying attention. You can at least be a fan of someone’s work ethic, growth, and contributions. & I’ve been writing for 10years, what she’s accomplished is NOT EASY 💯,” BIA wrote at the time.

Last week, the Bronx-bred rapper vowed that her sophomore album will arrive this year.

“I promise y’all this year, I’m not letting my anxiety, I’m not letting what haters say, I’m not letting what fans say… If I do a song, I’ma just fucking drop it,” said Cardi on Instagram Live.