He’s just another devil advocate: D1ddy FINALLY Comes Out As G@y After Cuba Gooding Jr FORCES Him?! – It’s not just Diddy in the hot seat this time| HO

Just when you thought the P Diddy drama had settled down, bam, more lawsuits come flying his way. But this time, it’s not about a woman, it’s about a man. And what’s worse, it’s not just Diddy in the hot seat this time. Nope, there’s a whole crew of big names getting dragged into this mess, and they’re not being called victims; they’re being labeled as partners in crime. We’re talking A-listers like Cuba Gooding Jr, Meek Mill, Yung Miami, Stevie J, Usher, Chris Brown, and even Diddy’s own son, Justin Combs.

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The recent legal turmoil surrounding P. Diddy has taken a shocking turn with allegations of misconduct involving not just women, but also men in the entertainment industry. One of the accusers, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones Jr., a producer who worked on Diddy’s recent album, has filed a lawsuit claiming that Diddy attempted to coerce him into a non-consensual relationship. Jones asserts that such behavior is prevalent in the music industry.

In a surprising twist, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s name has been brought into the fray. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Jones alleges that Diddy introduced him to Cuba on his yacht, where Cuba allegedly made unwanted advances towards Jones, crossing boundaries until Jones had to push him away. Jones even provided a photo purportedly showing Cuba hugging him as evidence of the encounter.

This isn’t the first time Cuba Gooding Jr. has faced accusations of misconduct. In 2019, several women came forward with similar claims against him. Despite managing to avoid jail time through a plea deal, Cuba’s reputation took a hit. Now, with fresh allegations from a male accuser, Cuba’s legal troubles seem far from over.

The recent lawsuit filed by Jones paints a grim picture of Diddy’s alleged actions, including inappropriate touching without consent, coercing encounters with s3x workers, and even spiking drinks at parties without guests’ knowledge. Shockingly, the lawsuit also implicates other industry figures, suggesting a wider pattern of misconduct and a failure to properly oversee Diddy’s actions.

If these allegations hold true, it could spell not just the end of Diddy’s career, but also significant damage to the reputations of those involved. The legal battle ahead promises to be a complex and contentious affair, with serious implications for all parties implicated.

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#Socialites, get into this: Actor Cuba Gooding Jr has settled a lawsuit with a woman who accused him of raping her in a New York City hotel room in 2013.

The actor who has been accused of groping and unwanted touching by dozens of women, had insisted through lawyers that the unnamed victim in this case, gave him consent before allegedly hooking up with her after meeting at a nearby restaurant. His lawyers also insisted that it was consensual s3x and that she bragged afterward to others that she had s3x with a celebrity. Despite that, he was still accused of persuading her to join him at a Manhattan hotel and allegedly convinced her to stop at his room so he could change clothes. She said in her lawsuit that Gooding then raped her in his room.

When she originally filed in 2020, Gooding Jr.’s attorney at the time, Mark Heller, denied the claims made by the anonymous accuser. In a statement to PEOPLE,

“The allegations against Cuba Gooding Jr. are false and perjurious,” he said. “There was absolutely no conduct committed in a criminal nature as alleged. We expect the case to be dismissed,” Heller continued at the time. “It was an alleged incident that took place over seven years ago with no criminal complaint at the time.”

Now, the trial was all set to start with jury selection in New York federal court. However, just minutes after jurors were to begin assembling in a courtroom, a calendar entry in the official court record said: “TRIAL OFF.” It added: “Reason for cancellation (on consent): the parties have resolved the matter,” the Associated Press notes.

The woman had proceeded anonymously until last week, when Judge Paul A. Crotty ruled that she would have to reveal her name at trial, now that it’s been settled, she could remain anonymous. The lawsuit sought $6 million in damages.

Last year, Gooding avoided time in the slammer after pleading guilty in a state criminal case that accused him of groping not one but several other women. Initially, Gooding had denied the charges, all misdemeanors, and the defense contended Gooding was unfairly tarnished because of the #MeToo era.

However, after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor, the actor underwent alcohol and behavioral counseling. From there, he was then allowed to withdraw that guilty plea. Gooding later pleaded guilty to a non-criminal harassment violation, which cleared his record, The Associated Press reported.