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Moving on, let’s discuss the recent cancellation of Nicki Minaj’s concert in New Orleans, which left her fans devastated. The abrupt cancellation, attributed to doctor’s orders due to Nicki’s illness, sparked frustration among ticket holders who had eagerly anticipated the event. One emotional fan, captured on video, expressed his disappointment, highlighting the sacrifices made by attendees who took time off work and rearranged their schedules for the show.

While Nicki Minaj did acknowledge her illness on social media, some fans felt that her communication could have been clearer, especially on the day of the cancellation. Nevertheless, the outpouring of support from fans demonstrates the profound impact Nicki has on her Barbz, underscoring the strong bond between artist and audience.

On a different note, Nicki Minaj’s sister, Ming Lee, has been attracting attention for her candid and sometimes controversial remarks on social media. In a recent video, Ming Lee shared intimate details about her personal life, including encounters with a romantic partner. While her openness may have garnered attention, it also sparked discussions about boundaries and discretion, particularly given her connection to a high-profile figure like Nicki Minaj.

Some observers have expressed concern for Ming Lee, suggesting that she may benefit from her sister’s guidance, especially considering her aspirations within the music industry. Despite their differences, there’s a sense that Ming Lee could benefit from Nicki’s mentorship and support, helping her navigate the complexities of fame and public scrutiny.

VIDEO: Pray For Nicki Minaj‼️ Fans Sad After Nicki’s Health Declines (OMG!) 

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J. Cole has turned in a number of memorable features in 2023, most recently on Nicki Minaj’s first new album in more than five years, Pink Friday 2.

Cole lands on the track “Let Me Calm Down,” which, sequencing-wise, is slotted perfectly between the featureless “Fallin 4 U” and the Weezy- and Tate Kobang-assisted “RNB.”

In a tweet shared on the album’s release day, Minaj recalled a two-hour conversation she had with Cole before hearing what became his verse on the track. According to Nicki, hearing Cole’s verse—which sees the Dreamville co-founder going deep on the sacrifices and strengths of a long-term relationship—proved to be an emotional experience.

nicki minaj and j cole performing

“This man J. Cole had a 2 hour talk with me. 2. Two!!!!” Minaj told fans on Friday. “Didn’t realize I was sitting on a therapist couch but ummm 2 days later I heard this verse & couldn’t stop crying. The end.”

Nicki didn’t stop her praise there, however, instead pointing to Cole as someone with the ability to help “empower” those around him.

“In a world where we know EXACTLY how & WHEN to tear each other apart, there are still Kings & Queens who know how to put ppl back together,” she said. “Patch them up. Heal them. Empower them. Understand them. Listen to them. Make them do the most beautiful thing a human being can do. Smile.”

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From there, she reflected on having her first child, specifically the first time she saw her son smile, before circling back to her and Cole’s artistic connection.

“It’s been a long time coming, but the barbz welcome you with open arms to #GagCity,” she said, referring to the virtual fan universe. “We appreciate you. We hope you stay.”

nicki minaj twitter screenshot

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The 22-track Pink Friday 2 experience awaits you. Below, hear Nicki and Cole’s “Let Me Calm Down,” their first-ever collaboration.