Regardless of Overeems down falls, he most definitely was a force to reckon with – Strongest MMA Fighter vs. Scariest Kickboxer: Badr Hari vs Alistair Overeem | HO

Badr Hari vs. Alistair Overeem 3 is one of the most epic trilogy in kickboxing history. Why? Because the history behind their first match and second match is as historic as it comes. Coming from MMA, Overeem took on the kickboxing world and destroyed some of the greatest of all time.

Badr, one of the most explosive kickboxers of all time, was first humiliated by his loss to Overeem. Then in the most epic fashion possible, he came back to get a big win for kickboxers. What will happen in the third match? It will be fireworks, and no matter who wins, we as fight fans win.

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When the most feared MMA fighter encounters the most intimidating kickboxer, it sets the stage for an electrifying showdown. These two athletes are renowned for their aggression and ferocity in the ring, making every moment unpredictable and explosive.

One of the fighters in question is Badr Hari, a heavyweight kickboxer known for his devastating knockout power. With an impressive record of 92 knockouts and a reputation for relentless attacks, Hari strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents. Despite his controversial temperament, he remains a favorite among fans, drawing massive crowds to witness his bouts.

On the other side stands Alistair Overeem, a towering MMA fighter whose transformation from a skinny contender to a jacked powerhouse captured the imagination of fans worldwide. While Overeem initially had a modest record in kickboxing, his newfound strength propelled him to victory against some of the sport’s legends.

Their paths collided in a highly anticipated match, where Overeem’s claims of MMA superiority clashed with Hari’s dominance in kickboxing. In their first encounter, Overeem showcased his strength and skill, overwhelming Hari with a barrage of strikes that culminated in a stunning knockout victory.

However, Hari was undeterred, embarking on a rigorous strength training regimen to match Overeem’s physicality. In their rematch, Hari demonstrated remarkable improvement, weathering Overeem’s attacks and delivering devastating blows of his own. The fight ended swiftly, with Hari emerging victorious in spectacular fashion.

Their rivalry culminated in a third and final showdown, set to captivate audiences once again. As they prepare to face off after 13 years, fans eagerly await the outcome of this epic rubber match. With their legacies on the line, both fighters are determined to emerge triumphant in what promises to be a legendary battle.

As the date of their showdown approaches, speculation runs rampant about who will emerge victorious. Whether it’s Hari’s relentless aggression or Overeem’s imposing presence, one thing is certain: this clash of titans will be a spectacle for the ages.

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Alistair Overeem suspended 1 year, win over Badr Hari overturned to no-contest due to doping violation

Alistair Overeem has been suspended for one year and his win over Badr Hari has been overturned due to a violation of GLORY’s anti-doping rules.

In addition to the suspension, Overeem has been removed from the GLORY rankings and has been asked to turn over a percentage of his winnings from the fight.

GLORY officials confirmed the news to MMA Fighting on Tuesday following an initial report from VechtsportInfo.

It had previously been reported that Overeem tested positive for a banned substance, although details around what exactly was found in his system has not been revealed. Overeem had both his A and B sample tested and results came back positive, which led to the punishment being handed down by GLORY.

In his first fight back, Overeem scored a unanimous decision win over Hari in a back-and-forth battle, but that victory has now been removed from his record and the fight has been declared a no contest.

Overeem has not made any statement regarding the positive drug test or his suspension.

During his time with the UFC, Overeem also faced a nine-month suspension handed down by the Nevada Athletic Commission after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone, which was more than double the limit allowed in the state at that time.