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Kylie Jenner recently faced significant backlash for hosting an Astro World-themed party for her children, despite the tragic incident at Travis Scott’s Astro World concert where multiple people lost their lives. The backlash stemmed from the insensitivity of celebrating an event associated with a tragedy that claimed the lives of concert-goers.

Kylie shared photos and videos of the lavish party she organized for her children, which prompted criticism on social media. Many people expressed their disapproval, citing the inappropriate nature of hosting an Astro World-themed party in light of the past events.

The Biggest Kardashian Family Scandals

The controversy surrounding Kylie’s party also reignited discussions about the Kardashian-Jenner family’s past actions and controversies. For instance, there were accusations of the family lying about their involvement or knowledge of events, such as Kendall Jenner’s attendance at the Astro World concert despite initial denials.

Additionally, the Kardashian-Jenner family members have faced criticism for various other incidents, including Kendall’s involvement in a controversial Pepsi advertisement that trivialized the Black Lives Matter movement, Kylie’s past social media posts, such as one featuring a birthday cake with a racially insensitive message, and the family’s promotion of diet products that experts argue contribute to negative body image issues.

Moreover, the family has been accused of engaging in questionable business practices, such as the launch of the Kardashian card, a prepaid MasterCard targeted at teenagers that was criticized for its exorbitant fees. Kim Kardashian also faced scrutiny for promoting cryptocurrency investments on social media without disclosing that she was paid for the posts, resulting in a settlement with the SEC.

Overall, the Kardashian-Jenner family’s actions and controversies have led to accusations of insensitivity, dishonesty, and unethical behavior, prompting criticism from the public and fellow celebrities alike.

19 of the biggest Kardashian family scandals

Kim Kardashian’s first major scandal came about when her s3x tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J was leaked.

Before “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” premiered in 2007, Kim Kardashian was mainly known for her friendship with socialite and heiress Paris Hilton. However, Kardashian was soon thrust into the spotlight when a private s3x tape she made with her then-boyfriend, rapper Ray J, was made public.

She addressed it in the very first episode of the reality show, saying she made the tape because she was “horny and [she] felt like it.”

Ahead of the show’s series finale in 2021, Kardashian spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the tape and dismissed the idea that the scandal was the reason the family was given the show in the first place. However, she did explain how the show allowed her to work through the controversy and tell her side of the story.

“I do think that, obviously, as producers, I’m sure they loved it. And loved [us] wanting to talk about the elephant in the room. And I probably wouldn’t have, unless it was for the show,” she said. “In a way, filming has helped us deal with things, instead of sweeping them under the rug. At the end of the day, I was always open and honest and wanted to share whatever I was going through. I wasn’t gonna hold back.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians' coming to an end on E! | CNN

In September 2022, Ray J claimed that the Kardashians were aware of the s3x tape before it was released, and alleged that Kris Jenner had actually personally chosen one of two different Ray J and Kim tapes to release to the public. Jenner has denied all allegations of helping to release her daughter’s s3x tape.

After her 72-day marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries, there was speculation the wedding was all part of a scheme.

Kardashian and Humphries were married on August 20, 2011. Prior to becoming engaged, the couple had only been dating for seven months. Humphries’ proposal to Kardashian was featured on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” as well as their lavish wedding.

However, just 72 days after the couple tied the knot, Kardashian filed for divorce. Multiple tabloids accused the marriage of being a “sham” for money and publicity after court documents obtained by The Daily Mail from the pair’s divorce revealed that Kardashian was paid $1.1 million for People’s access to exclusive engagement photos, $90,000 for having her bachelorette party at Tao in Las Vegas, and $1 million for airing the wedding on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

However, Kardashian disputed the rumors and said she didn’t realize her marriage was doomed until she and Humphries were on their honeymoon together.

For his part, Humphries said the relationship “was 100% real.”

“I was definitely naive about how much my life was going to change,” he wrote in an essay for The Players’ Tribune in 2019. “But the one thing that really bothers me is whenever people say that my marriage was fake.”

When KKW Beauty launched in 2017, Kardashian was accused of darkening her skin tone in a promotional image.

When the star shared the promotional images for her beauty brand’s contour kits in June 2017, she faced swift backlash, with some social media users accusing her of darkening her skin tone. Some even accused Kardashian of wearing blackface.

“I would obviously never want to offend anyone. I used an amazing photographer and a team of people. I was really tan when we shot the images, and it might be that the contrast was off,” she told The New York Times later that month.

“Of course, I have the utmost respect for why people might feel the way they did. But we made the necessary changes to that photo and the rest of the photos. We saw the problem, and we adapted and changed right away. Definitely, I have learned from it,” she added.

She later spoke about the photos on an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m seeing these photos from the campaign, the ones that we took, and people online are saying that I’m doing blackface, but I would never in a million years be disrespectful and do that,” she said.

In June 2019, Kardashian was accused of cultural appropriation when she initially named her shapewear line Kimono.

As Kardashian was preparing to launch her new shapewear line in 2019, she announced the name of the new brand: Kimono, which was a play on the star’s name. Yet Kimono and Kardashian were accused of cultural appropriation and insensitivity towards the significance of kimonos in Japanese culture.

The mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa, even penned an open letter to Kardashian asking her to not use the name.

Kardashian later addressed the controversy in an interview with WSJ Magazine.

“You would think we would have obviously thought it through a little bit deeper,” she said in July 2019. “I’m the first person to say, OK, of course, I can’t believe we didn’t think of this. I obviously had really innocent intentions. But, let’s listen. And I want to really listen. And I want to really take it all in. I do love Japan. My husband was in Japan when all of this was happening. It’s a place that we love and go to. I have such respect.”

In August 2019, Kardashian launched her shapewear line under the new name Skims.

Kim Kardashian was accused of not knowing her own privilege when she told Variety that “it seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

In an interview with Variety published in March 2022, Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, and Kris spoke about their respective businesses and shared advice for other women in business.

“It seems like nobody wants to work these days,” Kim said. “You have to surround yourself with people that wanna work. Have a good work environment where everyone loves what they do, because you have one life. No toxic work environments, and show up and do the work.”

Her comments drew backlash from people who cited her privileged upbringing and celebrity status, which has helped in catapulting her businesses to new heights. Kardashian later apologized for the comments, which she said were taken out of context.

“That statement that I said was without questions and conversation around it,” Kardashian told ABC News, saying that the previous question had been about her being “famous for being famous.”

“It became a soundbite really with no context,” she continued.

Khloé Kardashian was criticized for creating a video series about home organization called “Khlo-C-D.”

In 2018, Kardashian drew ire for titling her home-organization series on YouTube “Khlo-C-D,” a reference to the mental health disorder OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, which affects 2.2 million adults in the US. Cosmopolitan reported that she started using the term in videos dating back to 2015.

Fans reached out to the reality star urging her to change the series’ name. It’s unclear whether Kardashian actually has OCD.

“Please reconsider this title. It’s harmful to those of us who live with OCD every day,” one fan commented. “OCD is one of the top 10 most debilitating illnesses. You have a huge talent for organizing. You do beautiful work. But, that’s not OCD. You have a huge platform. Use it to bring awareness.”

Kardashian does not appear to have apologized for the use of the term, but she has stopped posting the “Khlo-C-D” videos to YouTube.

She was accused of perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards when she attempted to remove an “unauthorized” photo of herself from the internet.

Often called one of the more “relatable” Kardashians, Khloé was in the news earlier this year after her team attempted to wipe an “unflattering” photo from the internet after it was accidentally posted by an assistant. The image, which showed Kardashian in a bathing suit next to a pool, was reportedly removed from websites including Twitter and Reddit after her team threatened legal action.

Afterwards, she was accused of perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards and misleading fans about what her body looks like. One commenter even said she was “if insecurity was a person.”

In an April 2021 Instagram post, Kardashian defended removing the photo and spoke about her body-image issues, writing, “As someone who has struggled with body image her whole life, when someone takes a photo of you that isn’t flattering in bad lighting or doesn’t capture your body the way it is after working so hard to get it to this point — and then shares it to the world — you should have every right to ask for it to not be shared — regardless of who you are.”

Tristan Thompson was first publicly accused of cheating on girlfriend Khloé Kardashian in 2018.

The news broke just days before Khloé was due to give birth to their daughter, True, now 3. The Daily Mail reported that Thompson had been seen kissing an unidentified woman at PH-D Lounge in New York City on Saturday, April 7.

Page Six later reported that the two spent four hours together at a nearby hotel, while Kardashian was in Cleveland preparing to give birth. While the news was breaking, Thompson returned home to be with Kardashian in the delivery room, which was shown on an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Despite the scandal, less than a month after True’s birth the couple was spotted together in Cleveland, confirming that they were attempting to salvage their relationship.

The couple landed in the spotlight again in February 2019 when reports said Thompson had cheated on Kardashian with close family friend Jordyn Woods.

Woods, who was notably best friends with Kardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner, was reportedly with Thompson at a house party. Anonymous attendees at the party later told TMZ that Thompson and Woods “were all over each other” and “making out.”

Woods later addressed the scandal on Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk,” saying, “On the way out, he did kiss me. No passion … no tongue kiss, no making out, no nothing. I was in shock. I was like, ‘Let me just pretend that didn’t happen.'”

She added that she’s “no home-wrecker.” “I would never try to hurt someone’s home, especially someone that I love,” she said.

The drama was addressed on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

“[Tristan] already knew what was up and there was nothing else he could do but confirm it,” Khloe said during a confessional. “And I got my questions answered. I was getting more details — that everyone left and Jordyn still stayed. That she was sitting on his lap in a chair, they were all over each other, they were handsy, they made out. It’s disgusting.”

Kardashian and Thompson appeared to reconcile while spending time together in quarantine in 2020, and in February 2021, Kardashian wrote on Instagram, “”I have no ill feelings towards ANYONE!!!!”