The way he moves Steph’s body away like a predator protecting his kill is a brilliant heel touch: 15 years ago today, Randy Orton kissed Stephanie McMahon as Triple H watched helplessly while handcuffed | HO 

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Randy Orton: WWE star kissed an ‘unconscious’ Stephanie McMahon in 2009 Triple H feud

Randy Orton and Triple H were involved in an incredibly personal WWE blood feud in 2009.

The storyline is still spoken about to this day, with Triple H’s invasion of Randy’s home being a moment often brought up by fans when discussing fierce rivalries in WWE.

One of the other wacky angles that came from that feud saw Orton kiss Triple H’s wife, Stephanie McMahon, while she was ‘unconscious’.

Footage of the clip has been going around on social media once again, with many fans who weren’t watching in 2009 simply amazed that such an angle ever made it to TV.

Triple H was handcuffed to the bottom rope and made to look on and watch while Orton, his bitter rival at the time, kissed his unconscious wife, as you can see below.

WWE often opted to push the boundaries of what was and wasn’t acceptable at the time, and this iconic Randy Orton segment was just one of the more high-profile examples.

As noted, fans seeing this clip on social media for the first time simply couldn’t believe that WWE allowed such a segment to air on TV.

And more than that, fans who have seen the clip before were quick to point out that this is still one of the most bizarre things they’ve ever seen on WWE TV, even 13 years later.

Best of all time. 2009/10 Orton is untouchable.

— Lito™️ (@CarlosShabo) August 19, 2022

I was watching thinking, he’s not gonna…

I still want to know who had that idea

— @BarackObama’s burner (@BlackManUSA) August 19, 2022

This angle was part of the ongoing feud between Orton and Triple H, which led to a match at WrestleMania XXV between the pair.

The match was chosen to main event the show, over The Undertaker v Shawn Michaels, and unfortunately didn’t meet the expectations that the incredible build had suggested it might.

‘Taker’s match with Michaels was so good at, in the eyes of many, it should have main evented the show. Everything that came after it, including Orton v Triple H, wasn’t able to match that masterpiece.

Triple H won the match, retaining his WWE Championship, which also came as a shock to many fans, almost all of whom thought that ‘The Game’ was going to put over Randy at the big show.

Randy and Triple H have had a storied history together, with HHH giving Orton his big break as part of the Evolution stable.

More than that, Randy actually had Triple H’s final match, before his official retirement in April 2022, with the pair going one-on-one in HHH’s final match on Raw in January 2021.