Rihanna Issues Stern Warning to Kim Kardashian Over Alleged Advances Towards A$AP Rocky

In an unexpected turn of events, Rihanna has reportedly issued a stern warning to Kim Kardashian amidst rumors of Kardashian’s alleged advances towards rapper A$AP Rocky. Rihanna, who has been romantically linked to A$AP Rocky in the past, is said to have expressed her disapproval of Kardashian’s actions and cautioned her against interfering in her personal affairs.

Sources close to Rihanna claim that she went as far as recalling a previous incident involving Kendall Jenner, where Jenner purportedly made advances towards A$AP Rocky, causing tension between Rihanna and Jenner. Rihanna’s warning to Kardashian serves as a clear message that she will not tolerate any attempts to disrupt her relationships, particularly with someone as close to her as A$AP Rocky.

Thông tin A$AP Rocky có "tiểu tam" trong thời kì Rihanna đang mang tha –  Heat Factory

The rumored confrontation between Rihanna and Kim Kardashian has sparked intense speculation and debate among fans.

Rihanna and the Kardashian Clan: A History of Tension

There has been ongoing tension between Rihanna and the Kardashian clan, with Rihanna making concerted efforts to steer clear of any association with the family. However, it’s Kendall Jenner who seems to have attracted the most ire from Rihanna.

Rihanna’s subtle digs at Kendall date all the way back to 2013 when Kendall, then a teenager, portrayed herself as a die-hard Rihanna fan. Rihanna interpreted Kendall’s tweet about missing her favorite Rihanna song if it wasn’t performed at a concert as a slight and promptly clapped back.

The tension between Rihanna and Kendall escalated further when Rihanna decided to boycott the Victoria’s Secret show in 2015 after her friend Jordan Dunn was replaced by Kendall. This incident hinted at underlying friction between the two.

Kendall’s Reputation and Controversies

Kendall’s reputation faced additional blows when she made ignorant remarks about the modeling industry in a 2018 interview, attributing her success to her team’s selectiveness in choosing shows. This revelation implied that Kendall’s mother, Kris Jenner, played a significant role in her career, casting doubt on Kendall’s credibility as a model.

Furthermore, Kendall’s receipt of awards such as the fashion icon of the decade sparked criticism from Rihanna fans, who argued that Kendall’s relatively brief career didn’t warrant such accolades compared to Rihanna’s influence.

Speculations and Allegations

Many fans speculate that Kendall’s brief romance with A$AP Rocky contributed to Rihanna’s animosity towards her. Reports of Rihanna making disparaging remarks about Kendall’s weight at a Met Gala further fueled the feud between them.

Rihanna’s actions, such as omitting Kendall from her guest list at events and expressing her disapproval of Kendall as a model during fashion shows, underscored her stance against Kendall.

The situation worsened for Kendall when she faced allegations of racism and cultural appropriation over her tequila ad campaign, further intensifying the public’s scrutiny of her actions.


As the drama between Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and A$AP Rocky unfolds, Rihanna’s bold warning to Kardashian emphasizes the importance of respecting boundaries and maintaining integrity in personal relationships. The ongoing feud serves as a reminder of the complexities of navigating relationships in the entertainment world, with tensions running high and emotions rampant.