The word “seismic” is frequently used to describe Taylor Swift’s career. It’s rarely an exaggeration. The pop’s star “Eras Tour” eclipsed the billion-dollar mark in December, becoming the first-ever tour to do so. But when we’re talking about Swift, sometimes “seismic” is more literal.

Swifties Caused an Earthquake, Research Finds

In July, a Western Washington University geology professor and seismologist determined the singer’s Seattle shows generated seismic activity on par with a 2.3 magnitude earthquake.

A group of scientists from UCLA and the California Institute of Technology decided to conduct further research. They set up strong motion sensors in and around Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium for Swift’s six shows in early August. The scientists then compiled their research into the article “Shake to the Beat: Exploring the Seismic Signals and Stadium Response of Concerts and Music Fans.”
“Signals were recorded on regional seismic network stations located within 9 km (about 5.59 miles) of the stadium, as well as on strong‐motion sensors placed near and inside the stadium prior to the concert series,” the publication stated.


Ultimately, the scientists concluded that the 70,000 Swifties’ “dancing and jumping motions” caused the tremors.

So What are Taylor Swift’s Most Seismic Songs?

Conversions based on an American Geophysical Union study pinpointed Swift’s most, ahem, energetic songs. In a twist of irony, “Shake It Off” — the lead single from Swift’s pop crossover 1989 — created the most shockwaves.

Also among the top 5 were “You Belong with Me,” “22,” “Cruel Summer” and “Love Story.”

Taylor Takes a Break From Touring

The “Anti-Hero” singer is taking time off from causing earthquakes. Reports say she is decompressing with boyfriend Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The couple has had a hectic 2024 so far. Kelce helped carry his Chiefs to their second straight Super Bowl. Swift picked up a couple more GRAMMY awards and took her Eras tour overseas. Now she is taking a two-month hiatus before heading to Paris in May.

Photographers spotted the pair vacationing in the Bahamas Monday (March 18.) Prior to that, a source told US Weekly, they were prioritizing ” low-key and chill time together.” Swift probably wants to soak up as many of those moments as possible before her new album drops next month.