Ok, here’s the thing.

I was watching this live with the rest of us, astonished that a former crack dealer was receiving a lifetime achievment award and listening to what Jay Z was going to speak about during his acceptance speech.


Would he talk about his past, and how anybody can change their life at any point, (like Jelly Roll’s killer CMA speech) all it takes is a dream, hard work, and dedication? Would he credit  ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶i̶l̶l̶u̶m̶i̶n̶a̶t̶i̶ God for blessing him with a career that shot off like a rocket ship out of nowhere? (Reasonable Doubt was amazing, but nobody really paid attention to it until Biggie passed away, when Jay had already released In My Lifetime). 


He pulled a Michael Jordan.

Guy stood up there and said thanks but no thanks, then proceeded to chastise the academy for pretty much total bullshit.

Puede ser una imagen de 2 personas y guitarra


Right in their own fucking home!

All while they were sucking his dick, presenting him with an award that TOTALLY WASN’T A MEA CULPA OR JERKING OFF, FOR BEING JAY-Z’S PUBLIC ENEMY #1, FOR 20 YEARS.

This is the part people are freaking out about.

I thought this was just Jay moreso pointing out and acknowledging what a farce this awards show is and how the nominees are selected to begin with. Never once while listening to it did I draw any correlation at all to Taylor Swift. Kanye didn’t do what he did because it was Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift nutjobs will tell you its because she’s always the victim, and men just have it out for her, and men ruined the highlight of her young 17 year old life at the time.

He did it because he’s a nutjob. ((And he was correct). But he’s a nutjob.)

But then I saw Twitter blowing up about it, and this take-

And realized that Kelly is the same girl who despised Travis Kelce, actually, strike that, hated his fucking guts basically. No, I’m not piling on Kelly while she’s down. I’m strictly being passive-aggressive because she blew off our Backstage live stream tonight because Taylor announced she’s dropping a new album on April 19th-

“Sorry, can’t make it, I’m too locked in” – Kelly Keegs.

Mind you, this is the same girl who my teammates and I welcomed with open arms to join our The Dozen team #themisfits because Jeff couldn’t get anybody else to take her. She turned out to be an awesome addition and we complimented each other well. How did she repay us? Left us high and dry, with knives in our backs, the next season to go join that warthog White Sox Dave and Chief.

One would think she’d still feel guilty about that and would do a little tiny thing to try and get back to level.

So out of spite, and pure spite, Kelly trying to downplay this, like she did telling us all there was no way Taylor Swift would stoop to some white trash jock like Kelce’s level, has me hitting the fade button hard.

I’m going all in on Jay Z going straight for Taylor’s head with this now. She says “no big deal”, I say declaration of war.

And you can’t convince me otherwise.

This was basically the 2023 white version of Suge Knight at The Source Awards firing shots directly at Puffy and BIG.