“Someone tell Paul Rosenberg to hit my line.” – Adin Ross

Popular online streamer Adin Ross stated in a recent livestream that he is willing to pay $1,000,000 to work with Eminem on his Kick channel.

During an recent streaming session, an old Eminem freestyle video was discovered by the streamer while perusing submissions on his official Discord server. Adin Ross described the Detroit legend as the “greatest rapper of all time,” saying: “This is the greatest rapper of all time. This is the Michael Jordan of rap. Sorry chat, rap nowadays is a joke. Like, you think these new rappers are studying dictionaries? This motherf**ker used to read the dictionary every day! Like, every f**king day. He would study this game, bro. He broke the game.”

Then he continued: “What do you think does he do now, chat? Wait, how old is Eminem? Chat, he’s 50. Do you think he will link with me? Yes or no. I would pay a million dollars to do an Eminem stream. I swear to god. On my life, I would pay Eminem. I swear on god, I would pay an M for Eminem.”

“They canceled Eminem. He got real-life canceled. There was no social media. He got real-life canceled and got black-balled from everything. And he’s a multi-platinum selling f**king artist. No person could’ve done it back then. He said some s**t about, ‘I hate f**gots.’ The answer is yes. He was dissing the gays. He was dissing everybody and he didn’t give a f**k! This motherf**ker was on some s**t, chat!” Adin Ross added.

The Florida native didn’t stop there as he continued: “Someone tell Paul Rosenberg to hit my line. Someone tell Paul Rosenberg to text David Stromberg; look at that – Rosenberg and Stromberg. Tell them, an M to get Eminem on stream! Man, I know so much about this motherf**ker, it would be the greatest interview stream of all time. And, we’re both drug addicts in some form of a way! I mean, I know you’re way worse.”

Watch the video below: