Prescott thinks that Jones made the deal to make the Cowboys stronger.

Dak Prescott wasn’t surprised when owner Jerry Jones suddenly traded for Trey Lance from the 49ers. The Cowboys quarterback was busy calling shots in their final preparation game.

The San Francisco 49ers cut ties with Lance after a couple of injury-hit campaigns. Moreover, the signing of former Panther Sam Darnold from free agency did not make things easier for the 23-year-old.

They already knew Brock Purdy would be their starting center, which meant it was a fight for the backup spot. Darnold performed better compared to Lance in the preseason, which signaled his place in the Bay Area was in jeopardy.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan wanted to keep the former NDS Bisons man. But he knew it would stunt the young player’s growth because reserve players rarely get a chance to play in the regular season. So they traded him to the Cowboys for a fourth-round pick.

Lance’s addition meant one of the Cowboys’ quarterbacks had to be sacrificed. Unfortunately, Will Grier paid the price. But he was given a last chance against the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday to bow out in style. He finished with 305 yards on 29-of-35 passing with two touchdown passes and two rushing touchdowns. The AT&T stadium saw a 31-16 victory.

During the post-match press conference, the reporters asked Dak Prescott about Lance’s trade. The Pro Bowler revealed he wasn’t aware of the development until the news became public knowledge.

𝗧𝗥𝗘𝗡𝗗𝗜𝗡𝗚: #Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones did not give Dak Prescott a heads-up that the Trey Lance trade was coming and did not speak with him until before kickoff yesterday, per @toddarcher

“I can’t say that I necessarily expected [a heads-up], no. I understand though that…

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“I can’t say that I necessarily expected,” he said. “I understand it’s business. He [Jerry Jones] felt like that strengthened this team.”

Prescott is a leader in the Cowboys locker room, and he showed why his teammates respect him so much. Despite half an hour of play-calling against the Raiders, he refused to take any credit away from Will Grier.

“That guy played his a** off,” he told ESPN. “I give credit to that as much as me calling a couple of plays.”

Despite the disappointment of seeing Will Grier leave, Dak Prescott welcomed Trey Lance with open arms

Cowboys’ Dak Prescott UPSET with the team cutting Will Grier a day after Jerry Jones acquired Trey Lance without informing the QB1

Prescott remains committed to his role as the No. 1 quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys (Image via IMAGO)
The 81-year-old Jerry Jones has been in charge of the Dallas Cowboys for the better part of three decades. In that period, he has made numerous signings for his beloved team. Only time will tell whether his trade for Lance was the correct decision or not. But that does not mean he had to discuss the deal with his starting quarterback.

“No, we didn’t tell anybody until we did it, period,” Jones told on Saturday before their preseason finale against the Raiders. “There was nobody who knew about it.”

However, Dak Prescott remains unfazed by the secrecy of the deal. He is familiar with his No. 3. Back in 2021, before Lance’s draft, Prescott had a short chat with the prospect.

Little did he know that, in two years, they would end up on the same team. Fortunately, he won’t have too much competition from Lance, at least for the next two years. As Kyle Shanahan said, the Cowboys are a “good landing spot for him.”