Dak Prescott finished the week 18 game by completing 31 out of his 36 passes for 279 yards along with four touchdowns.

After a solid win over the Washington Commanders by 38-10, the Dallas Cowboys officially secured the NFC East championship title with a 12-5 season record. However, Dak Prescott isn’t celebrating just yet. In fact, the star quarterback refused to wear the hat and shirt rewarded to the Cowboys players over their week 18 victory.

Having the second-best MVP odds at +1800, Prescott didn’t seem satisfied with the Cowboy’s victory, as he aspired for the bigger fish, the Super Bowl. Among the pictures of Cowboys players celebrating their NFC East title, “Dak Prescott isn’t wearing his NFC East title hat or shirt,” as Patrick Walker reported.

The star quarterback clarified he didn’t wear those for any ulterior motives or to send a message, adding,

It’s a huge accomplishment … but focus is ahead. I’m good. I want something better.

Prescott via Jon Machota

After hitting a road bump with two back-to-back losses in weeks 15 and 16, critics didn’t expect the Cowboys to reach the playoffs, let alone win the divisional title. But the Cowboys took that as a challenge, where not only they clinched a playoff spot but also got a home game postseason.

Dallas’ record in home games is strange to no one, as they had recorded their 16th straight home win after the Detroit Lions game in week 17. And now, in the very first week of the playoffs, the Cowboys are set to host the Green Bay Packers at AT&T stadium.

When reporters asked quarterback Prescott about the Cowboys’ preparation for the next step toward their Super Bowl goal, he seemed utterly confident in his team’s preparation as well as their abilities to conquer the conference.

Dak Prescott appreciated CeeDee Lamb and the rest of the team

After the big win in week 18, quarterback Prescott and CeeDee Lamb applauded their team’s triumph right as they entered the playoffs, occupying the No. 2 seed in the conference. However, Prescott was sure not to celebrate just yet, as he claimed they were “not done.”

Dak Prescott with CeeDee Lamb

Dak Prescott with CeeDee Lamb (Via Open Source/X)
In the postgame interview, Prescott acknowledged the Cowboys’ incredible year and how it lit hopes in fans’ hearts for the team to end the nearly three-decade Super Bowl drought.

This is huge. Great to win the division. Proud of these guys, proud of this guy [CeeDee Lamb]. Awesome year, but we’re damn sure not done.

Prescott finished the game by completing 31 out of his 36 passes for 279 yards along with four touchdowns. Meanwhile, Lamb gave another stellar performance as he posted 13 catches for 98 yards with two touchdowns.