Marshall has added 3 million users to his Spotify following over the past three months.

We celebrated Em’s milestone of 75 million followers in August, so it is easy to calculate that he has been gaining over 30 thousand new followers a day to keep pace. As we wrote before, enough people hit the “follow” button on Eminem’s page every day to fill an NFL stadium.

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Overall, there are not many changes on the list of the most followed artists on Spotify. There are the same ten names, Eminem remains at No.7, and Taylor Swift rushes forward at neck-breaking speed.

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Marshall keeps gaining new followers without releasing new music, the only artist from the pre-streaming era who can compete with new-generation artists without raising a finger.

Most followed artists on Spotify:

1. Ed Sheeran — 115,179,688

2. Ariana Grande — 94,628,701

3. Arijit Singh — 94,343,478

4. Taylor Swift — 91,680,193

5. Billie Eilish — 88,444,109

6. Drake — 81,558,952

7. Eminem — 78,107,939

8. Bad Bunny — 76,282,527

9. Justin Bieber — 74,487,050

10. The Weeknd — 74,083,387