Basically, the judge reminded the National Party that they don’t wanna f*ck with Shady, because Shady will f*cking sue you.



There’s not a single person on this planet who’s unaware of (at the very least) the “Mom’s spaghetti” line from Eminem’s Oscar-winning 2002 single “Lose Yourself.” Still, conservatives in New Zealand thought it’d be a great idea to use an apparent ripoff called “Eminem Esque” in a television ad back in 2014. Now, three years and a borderline hilarious court case later, New Zealand’s National Party has been ordered to pay roughly $415,000 (plus interest) to Eminem’s publisher.

“We think it’s a very strong judgment, and a cautionary tale for people who make or use sound-alikes around the world,” Sydney-based lawyer Adam Simpson said of Wednesday’s ruling by High Court Judge Helen Cull, according toBillboard. Simpson represented Eight Mile Style, Eminem’s publisher. He added that he hoped the ruling would inspire “more original music” to be used in advertising, and for writers to be properly rewarded for their work.

The defense had argued that the 8 Mile soundtrack centerpiece lacked originality because it used the same chords as preexisting songs, a notion Eight Mile Style publisher Joel Martin called absurd. Martin, however, was pleased with the outcome of the case and was stoked that Em was never forced to “watch the paint dry” in a New Zealand court room.

The National Party claims to have bought the track from an Australian song library “that had bought it from a U.S. supplier,” Billboardreported. The ad ultimately ran 186 times before being yanked for obvious reasons. As you may have noticed, Em’s “Lose Yourself” isn’t exactly the sort of song you’ll find being widely used in advertisements, a fact that informed the judge’s decision. The $415,000 is an estimated licensing fee.

By now, you’d think conservatives around the world would know better than to fuck with Marshall.