The Cowboys had a defeat less home record this season.

With the 2023 NFL regular season now complete, the NFL world is gearing up for the high-voltage clashes in playoff rounds awaiting in the coming days. In the weekend wildcard round, the Dallas Cowboys will be taking on the Green Bay Packers, a matchup that is grabbing a lot of media attention.

The Cowboys are the second-best team in the NFC as they have clinched the No.2 spot in the conference. They have also clinched the NFC East Division. On the other hand, the Packers have also done pretty well to achieve a spot in a crowded AFC.

Amid all the criticism in the media circle, the Cowboys have grabbed some appreciation among the analysts. The latest to hit the air is Emmanuel Acho, who in the recent episode of the talk show ‘Speak’ on FS1, praised the Cowboys ahead of the much-anticipated clash.

The Cowboys I would say this year (unlike most), are better than every NFC team except the Niners. 2016, the Cowboys lost against the Packers, Aaron Rodgers was there. 2021, when the Cowboys lost to the Niners; it was still the Niners. Last year, the Niners were better than the Cowboys. This year, I can’t say that the Rams are better, I can’t say that the Lions are better, I have seen the Cowboys beating the Lions. I can’t say that the Eagles are better.

After the blowout loss against the San Francisco 49ers, the Cowboys got their form back in the middle of the season. They were seen becoming irresistible on home turf and crushing opponents. Nonetheless, the team suffered on the road and had five defeats in the regular season.

.@EmmanuelAcho: The Cowboys are better than every NFC team except the Niners.

Acho has huge praise for Dak Prescott

If there is a quarterback who receives a hefty amount of criticism than most, then it is surely Dak Prescott. Over the years, analysts have toyed him with their harsh words. This season, however, seems an exception when Prescott has received a lot of appreciation from the media. Emmanuel Acho also hailed him as the ‘best’ or the ‘second-best’ considering his performance.

This is the time, more often than ever when Dak Prescott is the best or the second-best quarterback in the NFC.

Acho further added

Dak Prescott (L) and Emmanuel Acho (R)

Dak Prescott (L – via Imago) and Emmanuel Acho (R – via X)
It is true that Prescott has performed well throughout this season. The last season’s highest interception holder has exceptionally reduced his turnover rates.

Ahead of the season, he had announced that he would not have more than 10 interceptions. The quarterback kept his promise and finished his season with less than ten INTs. Moreover, the QB leads the chart with the highest number of passing touchdowns this season.