A photo from a school event in 2006 appeared on the Internet, and stans around the world are deeply moved by it.

As a Reddit user who posted it on the Eminem subreddit noted, the picture was taken at the Father-Daughter Dance event in the school, which Hailie attended at that time.

But the most adorable character on this photo is not the one you can notice from the first glance. There is Eminem, peaking in the bottom of the picture, from a blonde head top to the glass frames. This weird angle is so on par with Em’s hilarious selfies that it is difficult not to draw a parallel, even if we know that this photo was most probably was taken by some of the parents.

Marshall’s unfaltering devotion to his family, to his kids is evident as ever before in this picture. We’ll never know what an event he might have ignored in 2006 to be there with his daaughter and for hos daughter. But we know that she’s always been a priority for her father.

Fans Admire Old Photo of Eminem With His Daughter Hailie