Irvin said he respects both Parsons and Samuel standing up for their respective quarterbacks.

Michael Irvin thinks it’s okay for Micah Parsons to venture into the world of podcasting. Not only that, he also defended the recent spat between Dallas Cowboys linebacker and Deebo Samuel on Brock Purdy.

Irvin claimed that in the age of the internet, almost every player is starting up their own enterprise. Every player has the right to voice their opinions; it’s just that they should be focusing more on their team rather than discussing players from other franchises.


I saw Micah Parsons stand for Dak Prescott; I like Deebo standing up for Brock Purdy. This is the time we are in. Now, all athletes, a lot of them, seem to be going into their own platforms and podcasts. 

And Micah has jumped in. I know this is new business but I do want them to focus on winning.

Irvin said in the recent segment of FOX Sports 1’s Undisputed

The 57-year-old revealed that he had met with Parsons during the 2021 NFL Draft pick. While conversing for the first time, the Penn State graduate told Irvin that he was looking forward to emulating the same career as he had during his playing days.

It means Parsons’ ambition was to win at least three Super Bowls. But that’s not all Irvin speculated; the 24-year-old also gave a hint of carving out a career in media as well. However, when Michael Irvin began his journey in the world of broadcast journalism, he had already bagged a Super Bowl ring.

He [Parsons] has that desire. I don’t have any issue with a man trying to get an early head start. Use it now, the platform, and get to meet the people now.

Irvin added

Michael Irvin feared the spat between Micah Parsons and Deebo Samuel would only work against the Dallas Cowboys

During the Sunday night top-of-the-table clash between the AFC’s Baltimore Ravens and the NFC’s San Francisco 49ers, Brock Purdy threw a career-high four interceptions. Purdy got benched, and the Niners lost the game by a significant margin. Micah Parsons took a sharp dig at the young quarterback, claiming that the Ravens exposed one of the MVP front runners.

“Focus on winning!” Ex-Cowboys WR Michael Irvin warns Micah Parsons that his beef with Deebo Samuel is only going to get the 49ers more fired up

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (Image via
Deebo Samuel did not take the jab too kindly. The All-Pro receiver fired back, reminding Parsons about the Cowboys’ heavy early-season defeat at the hands of the Niners. He advised the edge rusher to stop talking about others and focus on his team.

Irvin fears that if this war of words stretches out further, it may come back to bite the cowboys in the back. Moreover, this is not the correct time for Parsons to make such statements, considering his team is on a two-game losing streak.

The Dallas Cowboys get so much attention. Things get hyped up, and they get blown up. Skip [Bayless] your worried about it because it will give San Fran more hype. It absolutely is. And Micah Parsons has to match that.

Despite the Ravens’ loss, the 49ers are still the favorites to clinch the #1 seed in the NFC. The Cowboys will join them in the playoffs, but if they continue to lose more games, then the confidence level of the players will see a massive dent. What’s more, their next game is against the NFC North winners, the Detroit Lions, at Arlington.