Here’s how 8-year-old Kylie Teo got picked to receive Taylor Swift’s 22 hat on night 3 of her Singapore concert had a conversation with Kylie’s mother, who shared insights into her daughter’s thoughts when she embraced Taylor Swift on stage.

While many will have witnessed Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in Singapore by the end of this week, only a few can boast about receiving a special gift from the global pop icon herself. Eight-year-old Kylie Teo happens to be one of them.

As a student at Methodist Girls’ School, Kylie was the fortunate recipient of Taylor Swift’s fedora hat during the third night of her National Stadium concerts on Monday, March 4. This tradition, where Swift bestows the “22” hat upon a lucky fan, was initiated by the star in 2023 during her tour kickoff in Glendale, Arizona.

Kylie’s mother, Caslin Luo, recounted the moment when they were approached by a woman who escorted them closer to the stage, indicating that Kylie was the chosen one. Despite initial confusion, Caslin soon realized the significance of the moment, leading Kylie to Fearlessly make her way to the front of the stage.

While presenting her friendship bracelet to Taylor, Kylie experienced a brief moment of hesitation, but managed to convey her gift before receiving a warm hug and words of gratitude from the star.

Reflecting on the experience, Caslin described how Kylie became an instant celebrity, garnering attention from fellow concertgoers. Despite her younger sister Stella’s disappointment at not being chosen, she still received a sweet gesture from Taylor.

The entire concert experience was almost missed by the family, as Caslin struggled to secure tickets before finally obtaining them through a friend just weeks before the event.

As for Kylie’s plans for her cherished hat, Caslin intends for her to document her feelings in a diary entry, ensuring that the memory of that magical night remains preserved.

In summary, Kylie’s encounter with Taylor Swift was indeed a fairytale moment that she’ll cherish forever.