“It was the best day… I woke up and cried of happiness.”

G Flip, Taylor Swift

G Flip, Taylor Swift (Source: Supplied)

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G Flip has discussed the moment they (G Flip used they/them pronouns) received a “cheeky invite” to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in Melbourne, revealing that the world-famous pop star watched their Cruel Summer Like A Version, and liked it.

In an interview with Extra’s Melvin Robert on the red carpet at the 35th annual GLAAD Awards on Thursday (14 March), G Flip was asked what the experience was like watching Taylor Swift perform her Eras show in Melbourne.

“It was so amazing,” the Worst Person Alive singer said. “I’m obviously such a big fan of Taylor Swift and all her work and her as a songwriter and performer. The show is one of the best productions I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I was lucky enough that Taylor invited me to sit in the family and friends area in Melbourne, so…”

Robert then quipped that G Flip must “know people” to have received that spot, to which they responded, “I don’t know [people], I’ve never met [Taylor], but I was very flattered that she offered to let me see it from a really good view.”

Robert also brought out G Flip’s Cruel Summer cover – G Flip’s wife, Chrishell Stouse, called it “amazing” as Robert asked if Taylor Swift had seen it. “She heard that, and then she gave me a cheeky invite.”

G Flip continued, “I thought she might have hated it; I didn’t expect her to actually see it! It was the best day… I woke up and cried of happiness.”

Following G Flip’s cover of Cruel Summer, thousands of fans signed a petition to have the singer open for Taylor Swift on the Australian leg of her Eras tour.

Shortly after the cover was posted online, Swift herself came across it, subtly showing her approval with a ‘like’ on Instagram. Flip naturally reacted with amazement, and during a later appearance on The Project, they agreed it was “100%” the most important like of their career. “I think it’s pretty funny that someone double-tapping on a screen has led me to be on the news right now,” they joked.

In a live review of Swift’s first show at the MCG, The Music’s Christopher Lewis wrote, “The Eras Tour is, first and foremost, Taylor Swift’s victory lap. But at three and a half hours long, it’s a victory marathon.”