The slew of allegations against Vince McMahon has shaken the pro wrestling fraternity to its core. Ronda Rousey recently claimed that as long as Bruce Prichard was in WWE, Vince McMahon’s influence will always be felt, and wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell agreed with the notion.

Vince McMahon officially announced his resignation from TKO Group Holdings recently after being hit with a lawsuit in which he has been accused of sexual misconduct.

In the wake of the shocking developments, Ronda Rousey tweeted that Bruce Prichard was Vince’s “avatar.” Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell spoke at length about Mr. McMahon on his YouTube channel and felt there was truth in Rousey’s statement.

Mantell said Prichard had been a close aide of Mr. McMahon for several years and is still one of the more powerful executives backstage in WWE.

The former WWE manager also believed that Vince McMahon still had many of his people across different levels within the Stamford-based company.

“I do think it’s true. He is his handpicked guy on the scene and has been for years. So, I don’t see why that would change now. I think we were talking right before we went on air; Vince (McMahon) still has his people in WWE. He still has this guy here, and these people here, all the way through the office, all the way down to the production,” Dutch Mantell said. [00:26 – 00:53]

You can watch the full video below:

Dutch Mantell explained how WWE will be without Vince McMahon

Recent reports have suggested that TKO Group Holdings wants to protect its business value, and if that means removing Vince McMahon’s associates, then even that could also happen.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell stated that anybody who worked closely with Mr. McMahon could be replaced in the near future.

As seen leading into the 2024 Royal Rumble, the risk of losing their Slim Jim sponsorship deal resulted in the swift announcement of Vince’s resignation.

Mantell said that following Mr. McMahon’s ouster, more people can be replaced, truly beginning a new era in WWE.

“Going forward, I think anybody who had close ties with Vince, I think they will be replaced. I think TKO would try to start with a new slate as clean as they can get it and I think they would want to clear anything with any kind of a Vince McMahon taint on it, they will try to clear it out. They will clear the house; that’s how they would have to do it,” Dutch Mantell said. [00:56 – 1:28]

Bruce Prichard currently works as the Executive Director – CWT at WWE and is one of the most experienced names behind the scenes.