Following the news of Vince McMahon’s departure from the WWE, Ronda Rousey has made a bold claim on the iconic entrepreneur.

As one of the few athletes to have competed in both the WWE and UFC, Rousey tweeted her thoughts on McMahon and his involvement with the company on Jan. 27. McMahon’s resignation comes after reports of sexual assault and trafficking allegations against him surfaced, just months after Endeavor named him as the executive chairman of TKO Group Holdings.

In her tweet, Rousey claimed that though McMahon is no longer an official part of TKO and the WWE, he would still be involved behind the scenes. ‘Rowdy’ called WWE official Bruce Pritchard his “avatar.”

The previous absence from McMahon referenced by Rousey came before the forming of TKO. In mid-2022, McMahon stepped down as the CEO of WWE due to an investigation over an alleged $3m hush-money settlement between him and a former colleague with whom he had a consensual affair.

In his absence, the businessman named his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, as acting chief executive and chairperson of WWE. Former wrestler Triple H was named his successor in his role as the head of creative. McMahon returned as the WWE chairperson following the conclusion of the investigation in January 2023.

After leaving WWE in 2023, Rousey returned to professional wrestling a little over a month later as an independent contractor. She did not return to the WWE and remains indirect on her future in the business.

Meanwhile, as of Jan. 27, Endeavor has not named a replacement for the new executive chairman of TKO.

Will Ronda Rousey fight at UFC 300?

With fans still clamoring for additions to the current UFC 300 fight card, many have rumored the return of former women’s MMA icon Ronda Rousey.

As a fan favorite, former champion, and genuine pioneer, Rousey is still just 36 years old. However, the rumors and questions were shut down by Dana White, who said there would be “no shot” at a ‘Rowdy’ return.

Since retiring, Rousey has remained in shape but does not appear to be training in any fight discipline anymore. The American has depicted her life on social media as a full-time mother and co-owner of Browsey Acres with her husband, Travis Browne.

Rumors of Rousey returning to fighting increased following her decision to resume her professional wrestling career, but no reports have been made of the judoka re-joining an MMA gym.