ESPN analyst Marcus Spears believes that Cowboys does not have faith in the Dak Prescott.

This season has been awfully hard on the whole Dallas Cowboys team, especially quarterback Dak Prescott. Being a leading man for the team, Prescott has been receiving a hefty amount of criticism, from fans as well as Cowboys critics.

The team has been struggling to get past the divisional round, since 1995, when it last won the Super Bowl. And as the count increases, fans are becoming more impatient. This season so far hasn’t been that great for the Cowboys, but after winning against the Chargers, there can be a hint for them appearing in the playoffs, though the chances are slight.

Despite everything that’s happening, coach Mike McCarthy stands by his quarterback and understands the pressure Prescott feels but still handles everything admirably. He said, “I love Dak Prescott as our quarterback. I think the way he’s built all the way through, obviously his physical skill set is excellent. But what he endures mentally and emotionally compared to the other 31 (NFL starting QBs) is unique.

During his appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio, McCarthy shared that throughout his experience as a coach that involved working with many great quarterbacks, he still hasn’t seen anyone “under a microscope” like Prescott. “Just his consistency, his personality and work ethic, and how he handles all that and navigates all that, and he goes out and performs every week, I think it’s special what he has to endure. I think the intensity of the microscope on Dak, I’ve never seen anything like it,” he added.

The Cowboys coach appreciated how consistent Prescott has been throughout his time with the team. His intensity is absolutely admirable and hopefully, in the near future, everyone will witness how Prescott stands by the words of McCarthy.

Marcus Spears questions Cowboys’ faith in Dak Prescott

Lately, the Cowboys QB has received mixed opinions from everyone regarding his potential and performance this season. However, ESPN analyst Marcus Spears came up with the most important opinion – of the Cowboys team members. He believes that the team does not have faith in the Prescott. And this could be a possible reason why they have been lagging this season.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (Via ESPN)
Spears backed his point by saying the way the Cowboys played during the first half of the game against the Los Angeles Chargers reflected the team’s mindset. Instead of going for a TD, they preferred leading the clock run down to kick a field goal. Though they won the game by 20-17, what they should actually be wondering is why they don’t trust Prescott.

Spears’ words directly contradict what the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach McCarthy believe Jones has previously indicated that he firmly that quarterback Prescott has the potential to take the team to the next Super Bowl.