American social media personality, actor, and professional boxer thinks that his buddy MGK was just as good as Eminem on his diss track. What is even funnier, he thinks that this interaction with then-rapper made Eminem “bigger”.

As if Marshall needed any bust from smacking some overly confident younging over the head, even with such an excellent track as “Killshot”. But this is how the situation is sen from the MGK camp. And this is how Jake Paul described it to Mike Tyson and DJ WhooKid on the Hotboxin’ podcast.

Jake Paul: MGK, we are cool. He’s got hos whole squad.
Mike Tyson: He’s not cool with Eminem though, is he? Why go fuck with Eminem? He’s not gonna be in a bad shape. That’s the last kind of a rapper you wanna mess with.
DJ WhooKid: I don’t think anybody’s ever conquered Eminem in anything.
Jake Paul: I don’t know, they had diss tracks back and forth. And they’re both good. I don’t think there was a decisive winner in that rap beef. It honestly just made both of them way, way bigger and it was very entertaining. But no one bodied the other one. It was good on both sides. It was a draw.

Both hosts really struggled to keep a straight face during this exchange. What do you think about this statement?

Watch the video: