Jason Kelce addressed the continued conversation around wife Kylie Kelce’s recent TikTok joking about his behavior while she was in labor with their third baby

Jason Kelce is explaining why he made the right moves when wife Kylie was in labor with their third child.

In a clip from his appearance on the hit cooking show Last Meals shared exclusively with PEOPLE, the Philadelphia Eagles center, 35, told host Mythical Chef Josh Scherer why eating was such a priority while his wife of five years was in labor with their third baby, daughter Bennett Llewellyn.

Scherer wanted to give the athlete the “platform here to clear the air,” about the situation after Kylie’s viral TikTok about Kelce’s behavior during labor. “You weren’t just sleeping when your latest child was being born, right? You were doing more.”

“I was doing a lot of sleeping. There’s not much you can do,” Kelce said with a laugh.

Jason Kelce Defends Decisions He Made While Wife Kylie Kelce Was in Labor

“You try and get water when your wife is running out of things. ‘Is there anything I can do? Can I go grab things?’ Outside of that, it’s a lot of sitting around waiting for the fireworks to get going.”

“I think the mistake that a lot of dads make, when your wife goes into labor — a lot of times you’re sitting around all day. You haven’t eaten anything all day. And this is why I think a lot of guys pass out. Seriously, their blood sugar levels are low, man.”

“That’s why I’m eating bagels. That’s why I’m trying to get all of this food down. I want to be there.”

“That was the third rodeo. The first rodeo, I didn’t bring a fan, didn’t bring anything. They don’t care about the dads at the maternity ward at the hospitals — as they shouldn’t,” he quickly clarified. “I’m not campaigning.”


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In addition to Bennett, the couple is also parents to daughters Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3.

Kelce also spoke about the criticism he received on a recent episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce (presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment), leading a number of fans to come to the father of three’s defense.

Sharing some of the fan comments on her Instagram Story, Kylie, 31, addressed what had turned into criticism of her as a wife and mom.

Zeroing in on the commenter who asked what she wanted him to do, Kylie said, “Let me clear the air by answering this … Exactly what he did!”

“What is he supposed to do?? Just stare at me the whole time?” she asked before urging fans, “Let’s just have a sense of humor.”