Dak Prescott and the Cowboys can expect a tough challenge from the Jets.

Words of appreciation for the Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott surprisingly came from owner and general manager Jerry Jones. In his weekly appearance on the radio 105.3 Fan program, the 80-year-old billionaire declared Prescott the best leader during his tenure as the owner. Not only that, but he praised Prescott’s psyche and his reliance on preparation.

As an owner and GM, Jones has had quarterbacks like Troy Aikman and Tony Romo, who earned more success than Prescott for the Cowboys. However, Jones considered Prescott above all, and the X-factor lies in the latter’s leadership skills and bonding with his teammates.

We’ve had (Troy) Aikman, and Tony (Romo) and they were both good leaders. But Dak is so sound in his psyche, and he relies on his preparation better than anybody I’ve ever been around,” the billionaire said. His comment surprised a lot of people. There was hardly any doubt that Prescott was a good quarterback and always a favorite in this league. The analysts can not keep him away from the discussions. However, his performances in recent sessions have also triggered criticisms as well. He has been subjected to trolls and banters often. In this context, Jerry Jones’ remarks could be handy for him and could motivate him in this season.

There can be some other possibilities as well. The Cowboys are leaving no stone unturned to do something significant (winning the Super Bowl) this season. They signed Trey Lance as a developing QB without consulting Dak and the move sparked controversies as a lot of people thought that this might be the end of Dak’s supremacy in the Cowboys squad. However, Jones clarified that Dak would be their first-choice QB and Lance would be a backup option. And this time, his comment came to strengthen the foundation of the remark he earlier made.

Dak Prescott-led Cowboys to face the New York Jets 

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (via Imago)
After a 40-0 victory in the first game, the Dallas Cowboys are set to face the New York Jets in the upcoming game. The Jets also won their first match against the Buffalo Bills. However, their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, suffered a major injury in his Achilles. Rodgers is out for the whole season.

Though Rodgers is out, the Jets will provide a tough fight to the Cowboys. They have the likes of Zach WilsonJordan Whitehead, Garrett Wilson, and Sauce Gardner. The Jets defense will put all the pressure on the Cowboys offense.

The next match will be difficult for the Cowboys, and Dak has to do his best to overcome the challenge. He had a so-so game against the New York Giants. There is also a possibility that the game will likely become a defensive bloodbath, with both teams having top defenses in their respective conferences.