Garoppolo claimed the Cowboys move is a good opportunity for Lance.

If one person understands what Dak Prescott is going through, it’s Jimmy Garoppolo. He knows what it means to be in the hot seat of a franchise quarterback.

Garoppolo spent four seasons with the New England Patriots, backing up Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. The chances were few and far between. He only played 17 games total, with not much to show for it. Then the 49ers came calling, and he agreed to sign a deal. He managed to establish himself as their starting quarterback, but a year ago, everything changed. An injury sidelined him for much of 2022, but he did manage to secure a 7-3 record. The emergence of Brock Purdy meant his time was running out.

The 31-year-old left the Bay Area franchise to join its bitter rivals, the Las Vegas Raiders, in the offseason. Garoppolo can relate to Dak Prescott’s precarious position now that he has a former first-round pick to deal with.

“There’s always a younger guy trying to come in,” he said, as per “The coaches want younger, cheaper players to do something that they think is better than you.”

But Garoppolo knows that having a challenger is good for the players. “Competition is what makes this league so great. It pushes you.”

He also did not forget to congratulate Trey Lance. “Excited for Trey. A new opportunity for him,” Garoppolo said about his former backup. “Things didn’t work out in San Francisco. [But I am] glad that he gets another shot.”

Is the signing of Trey Lance a warning for Dak Prescott from Jerry Jones?

Jimmy Garoppolo admits being in a similar situation as Cowboys QB Dak Prescott with a young QB like Trey Lance knocking on the door for his spot

Prescott as the Cowboys acting offensive coordinator against the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday (Image via IMAGO)
After the Trey Lance deal was announced on Saturday, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones faced the media and revealed he did not think to consult Dak Prescott. He claimed only head coach Mike McCarthy was aware.

“It didn’t cross my mind, period,” Jones told the media before the Dallas Cowboys final preseason game against the Raiders. The funny thing is, he has to know about it because Dak Prescott is due for a new contract.

The future Hall of Famer’s (according to Jones himself) salary cap will hit $59 million in 2024. If they want Prescott to be at AT&T for the foreseeable future, then he needs a new deal. Moreover, it needs to be negotiated in a way that will allow them to save some cash for Micah Parsons.

Then again, football is a priority-based sport. In a year’s time, they will have to come to a conclusion about who they wish to keep. It’s smarter to keep Parsons as his young and generational talent, whereas Dak Prescott has already touched 30. In the end, it all comes down to the 2023 NFL season and how he performs.