The former collegiate field hockey player said it was “such an honor” to spend time with the Olympic-qualifying at

<p>kylie kelce/tiktok</p> Kylie Kelce US Field Hockey Team

Kylie Kelce enjoyed an afternoon on the field with two of the women from Team USA’s field hockey team recently, and she took fans along for the outing!

Kelce, 31, posted a video on TikTok with Ashley Sessa and Kelee Lepage, whom she agreed to interview for a segment on NBC Philadelphia.

“I could not have said yes faster,” she said of when the network “reached out and asked” if she’d like to interview two of the Olympic-qualifying athletes for the USA field hockey team.

To start the post on TikTok, Kelce, a former collegiate field hockey player and high school coach, continued her running joke of “places Kylie has no business being,” which began when she attended the Alberta Ferretti show during Milan Fashion Week in February.

“Hey guys, we’re back with another edition of places Kylie has no business being, and today we’re on a field with women’s national field hockey players, Ashley and Kelee. I have no business out here,” she said.

<p>kylie kelce/tiktok</p> Kylie Kelce on TikTok

Kelce told her viewers that Lepage and Sessa “just helped the US field hockey team qualify for this summer’s Olympics in Paris,” adding, “which is all the more reason why I have no business being here.”

The TikTok included clips of Kelce, Lepage and Sessa shooting and running drills on the indoor field. Kelce poked fun at her shots in comparison to the Olympic qualifiers, joking, “Here comes grandma shuffling along,” in a voiceover.

Over a clip of her taking a shot, Kelce wrote, “I’m a self-aware granny,” on the video.
<p>kylie kelce/tiktok</p> Kylie Kelce on TikTok

“Before anyone tries to critique me, I know head down, chest down. I am rusty as anything out here playing with elite field hockey players, cut me some slack,” she said.

After she spent time with Sessa and Lepage, Kelce said the meeting “was such a cool experience” for her. “Such an honor to hang out and chat with Ashley and Kelee,” she said.

“I am so excited to cheer on Team USA when they head to the Olympics this summer, and stay tuned; this interview will be airing on NBC.”

In November, Kelce hosted a youth field hockey camp in Kansas City with the help of her mother-in-law, Donna Kelce.

Speaking with Spectrum Sports KC at the time, the mother of three explained how she hopes her camp will inspire the next generation of female athletes on and off of the field. “Sports teaches teamwork,” Kylie said, adding that playing for a team teaches kids to “come together to work towards a common goal.”

Kylie, who said she began playing field hockey when she was going into the second grade, added, “And all of those things are transferable skills to the rest of life, so what better time to start than as early as possible?”

Since discovering her passion for field hockey, Kylie said she “hasn’t had a Fall without” the sport, “between coaching or playing,” since 7th grade. “And I have no intentions of breaking that streak anytime soon,” she added.