Purdy’s last season exploits as the Mr. Irrelevant has him getting backing from many analysts and fans alike.

The NFL season has kickstarted with a lot of surprises and disappointment. Week one has passed and the spectators are heading towards the second week. Discussions are popping up regarding players and teams. Analysts are being seen to pick their favorites for the coming week.

In one such discussion, LeSean McCoy said that Brock Purdy is the second-best quarterback in the NFC sub-division. Who is the first? According to him, it is Jalen Hurts, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Both of these teams come under the NFC conference.

But who is left? The Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott. McCoy does not consider him a favorite to win the MVP. He also does not think that Dak will be able to lead his team to the Super Bowl championship.

Look at Brock Purdy you will be honest at this. Brock Purdy right now is the second quarterback in the NFC. You put him on the Cowboys’ offense… I am nervous. I am nervous. Right now he is the second-best quarterback, behind… You know,” the analyst said on FS1’s SPEAK, shrugging his shoulders.

The former Philadelphia Eagle and two-time Super Bowl winner shocked other panelists with his opinion. However, he stuck to what he said. He also snubbed Dak Prescott from being the best or second best. It is evident that he does not have high hopes for the Cowboys signal caller.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys are the two teams that started on a decent note in the season opener. Both teams thrashed their opponents. The Dallas won their first match by 40-0 while the San Francisco won theirs by 30-7.

Both teams were pivotal, however, multiple analysts picked the 49ers win over the Cowboys’ one as the better overall. The reason mainly was the offense led by Brock Purdy. However, the Dallas’ defense had a monstrous showing as well.

Why analysts are picking Brock Purdy over Prescott 

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (Image via The Mirror)
The answer mainly lies in Prescott’s consistency. There is hardly any doubt that Prescott has been one of the most talented quarterbacks in the history of the game. However, he has not been consistent in the last few years. He failed to provide when his team needed him the most.

On the other hand, Purdy has been phenomenal in the last season. He was the second choice for the 49ers. However, he utilized the scopes and emerged as an inevitable option with time. This season, he is one of the favorites in the league.

In the season opener, Brock Purdy made 29 passing attempts, completing them with a remarkable accuracy rate of 65.5%. This precision translated into 220 passing yards, averaging an impressive 7.6 yards per attempt. In contrast, Dak Prescott, leading the Dallas Cowboys, had 24 passing attempts but achieved a lower completion rate of 54.2%. This resulted in 143 passing yards, with an average of 6.0 yards per attempt.

While it’s too soon to throw in the opinion on players and their possible form based on one game, unfortunately Dak’s history doesn’t leave any fan to provide a firm support to him.