Taylor Swift once again showed her affection for boyfriend Travis Kelce during her Eras Tour performance in Singapore by tweaking the lyrics of one of her songs as a nod to him in the audience.

During her rendition of “Karma,” Swift modified a line to say, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me,” which drew a delighted reaction from Kelce, who was captured on video standing near the stage.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, aged 34, was visibly thrilled, swaying to the music before raising his arms and dancing with excitement as Swift serenaded him.

Taylor Swift performing on stage

Travis Kelce dancing at Taylor Swift's concert

This isn’t the first time Swift has publicly acknowledged Kelce; she previously altered the lyrics in Buenos Aires and Sydney when Kelce was present at her shows.

Kelce arrived in Singapore ahead of the concert, enjoying the evening with friends before joining Swift’s VIP box at the National Stadium, where he enthusiastically participated in her three-hour performance.

Travis Kelce dancing at Taylor Swift's concert

Travis Kelce dancing at Taylor Swift's concert

After the show, Swift rushed into Kelce’s arms for a kiss and tight embrace, marking another display of their affectionate relationship.

As Swift wraps up her performances in Singapore before a two-month break, Kelce’s plans remain uncertain, although he has been seen accompanying her to various tour stops and even sporting her friendship bracelets at public events.

Travis Kelce sitting in a suite at Taylor Swift's Singapore show

Despite their busy schedules, the couple manages to steal moments together, including a recent outing to the Sydney Zoo and a boat date before Kelce returned to the US to support his brother’s retirement from the NFL.

Kelce’s gestures of support and Swift’s public displays of affection indicate a strong bond between the two, even as they navigate their respective careers and commitments.