Dak Prescott had a caution ahead of the game against the Lions.

The Dallas Cowboys have a new-found problem. Their winning streak has abruptly suffered a halt as the team has lost consecutive games in a row. The consecutive losses against the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins have questioned their team’s credibility. In addition, the losses can directly affect their chance of getting the No.1 seed in the NFC Conference. If the Cowboys fail to get the No.1 spot, then they will not be able to get the home game in the postseason.

The Cowboys have had a poor record on the road. They have been a monster at their home. With a stellar 7-0 record, they have demolished their opponents at home. However, away from home, they have suffered heavily. They only won three of their eight games.

In a recent interaction with the media, Dak Prescott addressed the issue. He expressed his disgust regarding the entire scenario. He acknowledged that the situation was a bit frustrating for them.

Prescott said:

P*ssed for sure. But resilient, I guess, to answer that. And understanding that that one was close. Got away from us. Obviously on the road, could’ve been a good one, particularly saying the ‘road’ right against a playoff team. And just didn’t get it done. But it’s just been about for everybody to be accountable, look themselves in the mirror, say what more can I do individually and understanding if we do that, commit to that collectively we’ll continue to get better and we’ll get over this. No doubt about it.

Dak Prescott to the reporters

Dak Prescott feels that the Cowboys have to do more in the coming time

The Dallas Cowboys have two more games to go. In the next game, they will face the Detroit Lions. The Lions are another winning squad with a good record. The Cowboys have to win the game to add more security to their position in the postseason. Dak Prescott knows it pretty well.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (via Bleacher Report)
Prescott added:

Yeah for sure. I’d have to go back and take you through each play for the most part and even on good plays, there’s things that I felt like I could do better. That’s kind of the way I’ve always been. I know numbers, I know things kind of say I’m playing well and that, but to me a quarterback’s judged off wins and losses.

Dak Prescott to the mediaPrescott tried his best against the Dolphins. He almost made it for the Cowboys against the Dolphins. However, the latter clinched it at the last second.