Shaquille O’Neal says he KNEW Jason Kelce would retire when he interviewed him at the Super Bowl before he made his decision – due to one very obvious tell-tale body language sign

Shaquille O'Neal and Jason Kelce


Shaquille O’Neal has revealed that he ‘knew’ Jason Kelce would retire during a one-on-one interview with the former Eagles center last month due to one tell-tale body language sign: his eyes.


Shaquille O'Neal and Jason Kelce

The 52-year-old, four-time NBA champion was first asked about Kelce’s future in an interview with USA Today ahead of the Super Bowl LVIII matchup between the 49ers and Chiefs in Las Vegas, with the former Lakers center saying at the time that Kelce had informed him about his decision but that he won’t be spill the beans.

Now, in a sit-down talk with TNT’s Adam Lefkoe, ‘Big Diesel’ explained that Kelce’s brown eyes spoke for him when he chatted with the one-time Super Bowl champion last month, as he offered him post-retirement advice. Kelce put an end to his 13-year NFL career on Monday during an hourlong press conference.

‘You knew [Jason Kelce] was going to retire? Lefkoe initially asked ‘Shaq’ on the Big Podcast, which the pair co-hosts.

‘I know everything brother… I can tell,’ Shaq replied before Lefkoe asked him what was it that gave it away.

‘Yeah, his eyes,’ the Inside the NBA on TNT analyst said, adding: ‘Like, when you interact with people, you have to realize that when you ask a question, if a person looks to the left… that’s the imaginative side of your brain.

‘So it’s not that you’re gonna tell a lie but they’re like, you know, looking for time. ”You’re gonna retire?” He’s corporate, he’s smart ”Oh, oh, I don’t know I have to talk to my…” you know the line but I knew.’

Shaq then joked that he’s ‘making preparations’ to obtain a masters degree in sports psychology, whether that be at LSU – where he hooped for three years – or Harvard.

Earlier on the podcast, the seven-ft-one, New Jersey native revealed a pre-recorded message of support that he sent to Kelce after the six-time First-team All-Pro shared that he will not be putting on his cleats for the upcoming 2024-25 NFL season.

‘Jason! I wanted to say: one, I knew you was going to do it. Two, my brother, great career — love you, love your family. Welcome to my life! Let me tell you what my life consists of: nothing,’ Shaq said in the video. ‘Wake up, go outside, pick up that paper — I know you’ve never done that before.

‘Oh, you know what, you have your wife fixing your plate. Make your own plate, wash your own dishes. You take out the garbage now. Welcome to my life, buddy! You have converted yourself into a regular man and Superman too when he went back to the North, South Pole and gave his powers up — that’s what you have just done.

‘Congratulations, brother! I love you. And remember what I said. Enjoy your beautiful wife and enjoy your family.’