Tom Brady is regarded as the most clutch player in NFL’s history.

Is Patrick Mahomes the greatest to play in the NFL? The analysts are often seen triggered while answering this question. There is hardly any doubt that Patrick Mahomes has achieved a lot. The success that he got in his short span of career is impeccable. Winning two Super Bowls and two MVPs has made him one of the greatest to be played in the league.

However, analyst Skip Bayless believes that he is certainly not the greatest one to be played in the league. He puts Tom Brady far ahead of Mahomes in terms of his achievements.

In one of the episodes of his show, ‘Undisputed,’ the analyst was seen saying that Mahomes is really a great player however he does not come close to Brady who is way ahead due to his clutch moment in the league.

“This is no personal shot at Patrick Mahomes because I think he’s a really good kid,” Skip Bayless said. “Speaking of shot, he’s got no shot in his life of passing this guy. This guy in New England, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., won his first six Super Bowls win game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime. That’s off-the-charts clutch.”

” I’ve always said in totality his clutch-ness even eclipses [Michael] Jordan’s clutch-ness just because he had so many more opportunities on the biggest stage,” he further added via FOX Sports Undisputed.

Patrick Mahomes has had several clutch moments in the NFL. In the 2018 playoffs against the Houston Texans, the Chiefs came back from deficit and Mahomes provided a magisterial performance on the field. His other clutch moment came against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, while trailing by 10 points is also one example. However, according to Bayless, these plays do not come close to the clutch moments that Brady has had.

Tom Brady is undoubtedly the clutchest ever in the NFL

Tom Brady is one of the legends of this game. The player has an immense number of clutch moments in the NFL. Brady has the most numbers of the fourth quarterback comeback in the history of the NFL, and displayed the same even in his last season.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady (Image via AP)
Apart from numerous Super Bowl miracles, which include the one unforgettable one involving Matt Ryan leading Flacons in 2016, the player also had his significant clutch moments in the years 2013 and 2014. He helped his team to come back against the Baltimore Ravens in 2014. The athlete was also pivotal in overcoming a 24-point deficit against the Denver Broncos in 2013.

Brady played 23 seasons in the NFL while this is Mahomes’ eighth season in the league. Mahomes has a long way to go. It is to be seen whether he registers the same number of clutch moments as Brady.