Jerry Jones recently admitted that he wanted to draft Jalen Hurts in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been making some moves in the off-season. Jones is putting a lot of pressure on his franchise quarterback Dak Prescott and has sent a clear message, or at least that’s what Stephen A. Smith believes. Following Jones’ move to acquire QB Trey Lance and confessing that he wanted to draft Jalen Hurts, the ESPN personality claims that the Cowboys owner is sending a message to Prescott that this might be the QB’s last year in Dallas.

During a recent episode of the ESPN show First Take, the panel discussed what kind of message Jerry Jones is sending with his shocking trade to acquire Trey Lance and his Jalen Hurts confession.

“He’s [Jones] not playing. This is it for Dak Prescott. This could very well be his last year in Dallas, that’s what the h*ll he’s saying,” said Stephen A. Smith. “When it comes to Jerry Jones seriously, that’s my buddy right there, I mean the man knows me, we talk. I kind of know him and I’m telling you right now, I’m not joking, I’m not trolling, he’s not playing.”

Smith went on to claim that since Jones is getting old, he wants the team to win a Super Bowl soon and that’s why he has given Prescott and head coach Mike McCarthy everything they wanted this season while clearly sending a message that this could be Dak’s last season if he fails to win.

Furthermore, Smith also brought up the fact that there was no need for Jerry to announce publicly that he didn’t consult with Dak regarding the Trey Lance trade and Jones also didn’t have to publicly admit that he wanted to draft Jalen Hurts back in 2020.

“He’s not getting any younger. . . He understands he’s looking at his own mortality, not just football mortality,” said Smith. “Why in god’s name would Jerry Jones come out there and like this announce to the world that he didn’t even consult with anybody that he had traded for Trey Lance? He’s not playing and I don’t blame him one bit.”

Stephen A. Smith rips Dak Prescott era in Dallas

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Dak Prescott (Via SI)
Ever since Jerry Jones pulled the trigger on the surprise Trey Lance trade, people have been speculating about the end of the Dak Prescott era in Dallas. Prescott has been the starting QB of the Cowboys for the last 7 years.

Amidst this, Stephen A. Smith terms Prescott’s Cowboys era as a failure since the quarterback failed to even lead the Dallas-based football team to an NFC Championship game.

Nonetheless, Prescott will have one more shot at leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl in the upcoming season. The Cowboys’ 2023 campaign will start with a tough road game against their NFC division rivals, New York Giants, on September 10.